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Discussion in 'Welcome' started by seppo1759, Mar 8, 2011.

  1. seppo1759

    seppo1759 Guest

    I'm emigrating with my partner May 1st, Just saying hi to all, Moving from the west country to Taringa.

    Be nice to make contact with a few 'poms' before arriving!! I'm old enough not to be nervous, but still am!!

    I work in construction (general builder) and hoping to work for myself on small jobs..kinda handy man.

    I also play in a band (guitar) here and It would be nice to meet up with a few 'mature' muzo's in the area, and maybe set up an middle age 'garage band'..good excuse for a beer or two!!

    Looking forward to using the site here and in Australia to keep in touch!!



  2. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    Hi and welcome to BIB,, good luck with the move, although i'm sure you will be fine.

    Cal x
  3. seppo1759

    seppo1759 Guest

    Thanks Cal

    I'm sure it'll be fine...It's a drag leaving friends behind, but looking forward to a new start!!

    It'll be fun:biggrin:
  4. wondering aloud

    wondering aloud New Member

    Hi my husband and I are moving to bris in April. Would love to meet up for a coffee or something a little stronger.....?!
    Can't say either of us play a guitar though...

    Good luck with the move
  5. seppo1759

    seppo1759 Guest

    Hi Wondering aloud

    That sounds good! :biggrin: We're heading there in May, and will probably stay on the Gold Coast for a week or so then head into Brisbane. We've a home in Taringa, seems to be getting very popular with poms...wasn't too many there last time I was over. A few in Toowong and Indro.

    I'll PM my email to you, and if your OH wants a chat he's more than welcome. It's always nice to have a few people you know when on a move..

    What sort of move are you guys doing? Spouse/WHV/SS? and where are you thinking of settling?

  6. Briz Nurse

    Briz Nurse New Member

    Hi Seppo, I am in the area too although it has been a long time since I picked up a guitar! My Dad taught me when I was young!!!! Im a wanna be drummer! No drum set but a wanna be drummer!! lol!

    Good Luck with the move x
  7. seppo1759

    seppo1759 Guest

    Hi Briz nurse

    We'll you never know!!!..I have the garage:laugh: so you're only a set of drums away from a dream:wink:

    Are you in the Taringa area? We're heading to 'Woodstock Ave' 4068 the northern end.

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