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Discussion in 'Welcome' started by EssextoOz, May 30, 2007.

  1. EssextoOz

    EssextoOz Guest

    Hi there, thought I would introduce myself, I am Hayles Mum of 3 girls (7,5 and 18 months) married to Conor (irishman).

    Last night we had a chat and made a decision to stop talking and get on with it, so the research continues....I am under the impression that DH should be able to get good work in Brisbane - he is a Welder/fabricator/fitter So will be investigating that first off and then looking at suburbs for schooling etc.

    Gosh so much to do I dont know where to start.

    We have decided to sell our UK property and rent in OZ leaving us with our investment in the UK should things not work out, though I doubt that lol.

    Anyway after that ramble *waves* hi to all of you, and I am sure I will have many many more questions.

    Take care all.

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