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Discussion in 'Welcome' started by TimmyandFran, Dec 4, 2007.

  1. TimmyandFran

    TimmyandFran Guest

    Hi, have been browsing these forums for a little while now and thought I would say hi..

    We are in the process of moving to Brisbane from UK and have our flights booked. We leave on 27th Dec.. how scary!

    My partner of 2 yrs has a job ready and waiting for him when we arrive and we are taking along with us our little dog..
    No visa granted yet but we have been assured it is safe to book flights and should be receiving it any day.
    I am very nervous about the whole thing (we have never visited Oz)
    but feel its something I just have to do.. lifes to short! I know I will miss my family and friends terribly..

    Any advice would be appreciated.. sometimes I feel like I just cannot do it!

    Francesca :(

  2. mandytuck

    mandytuck Guest

    Hi Francesca,
    We are at the final stages of completing the 457 visa application...just waiting for salary details etc. in the post then it can be completed (on-line). Nomination has been granted and everything has been done now except for medicals. We are Frank (38), Mandy (38), Andy (15) and Dan(12). I have been offered a job at the Princess Alexandra hospital in Brisbane and have a start date of 28th April (we can't go until april at the reasons). Trouble is we have to sell the house first...good job they will change my start date if needs be. Where are you looking to live? Do you have any relatives or friends out there? We are hoping for SE Brisbane and have 2 sets of friends around that area. I agree it is a bit scary. It's such a big step and we have to leave people behind. But, hey, I'd rather give it a try than regret it in 10 years time. And if it all goes pear-shaped you are alowed to come back or try somewhere else! We went on holiday last year and loved it. Lovely places. Lovely people. Just think positive! :D

  3. TimmyandFran

    TimmyandFran Guest

    Hi Mandy,
    Thanks so much for your reply.. Its so nice to of found this site and to read peoples experiences. Some have reassured me that it will be OK.. Its just that little bit of doubt that I cant get rid of..

    We have our medicals completed and all now we are waiting for is approval. The 457 has been put forward by Tim's (my partner) new employer. They have advs its a done deal but its just caught up in the back log with the Brisbane Immigration dept and to expect it any day soon. Luckily we sold our house very quickly and are waiting to complete.
    We have some friends there, well they are Tim's friends who I have adopted, they are also from the UK and have been in Bulimba Brisbane for around 6 months.. They love it.
    Initially we will be living in a hotel apt in Spring Hill and then hope to rent for a bit until we know our way around and get a feel for where we would like to live.. I think its the not knowing that scares me.. Where did you visit when you went on your holiday? I dont have a job lined up yet and am feeling indecisive about what I would like to do.. someone has told me I may not be able to work as I am going in on Tim's visa, do u know if this is true?
    I know it'll be OK and I will look back in 6 months or so and think what the hell was all that worry about.. its just getting past the initial hurdle..

    Thanks for getting back to me and I wish you good luck with the sale of your house..

  4. Clare Smith

    Clare Smith Guest

    In the same possition!!!!

    Hi Francesca

    Just being nosey as usual, i am new to this as well....Me (Clare), Hubby Andy and 2 kids Jade and Ethan are in a similar position to yourselves just a month behind..

    Andy secured a job a couple of months ago in Brisbane and we are just waiting on our sponsored visa, just have to get our medicals done on the 20th then can hand notices in and sign paperwork on house sale!!! We are also very excited but scared!!!

    Moving from Northampton and I am going to be giving up my job as a haematology nurse and enjoy time with the kids, chilling on the beach, meeting new friend etc whilst Andy is hard at work!!! Bless!!!

    We have been looking at a few places south east, but have also been looking slightly north, as long as it is commutable to Brisbane and close to the beach with good schools etc we are not too fussy!!!!! :?

    Good luck with the visas

    keep in touch

    Clare xxx
  5. TimmyandFran

    TimmyandFran Guest

    Hey Clare,

    When do you plan to make your move? Its 2 weeks until we leave and I have spent a lot of days in tears and a lot of days excited! I am very emotional to say the least.
    Have you managed to sell your house yet? We were very lucky and sold our house quickly. At the moment it looks like we will complete a week after our arrival in Brisbane but we are happy that it has been reletivley smooth and no hitches so far.

    We are also unsure where we would like to live, we have friends in Bulimba (central) but I think I would like to live out of the city a little and like you enjoy chilling on the beach and meeting new people. My boyf Tim recently met a local who suggested South of the bank as It is a lot nicer but I think we will just make our own minds up when we get there. How exciting!

    Good luck with everything.
    Keep me updated

    Take Care
  6. Clare Smith

    Clare Smith Guest

    Hi Francesca exciting...your leaving in 2 weeks!!! my god you emotions must be all over the place!! What a fab christmas!!!

    We too sold our house very quickly..not that I'm complaining...however we are now having to hold up the sale until we have our visa's in our hands!! which should early new year then we can book flights etc!!! and arrange to meet up for drinks etc maybe!!!

    All still seems like a dream at the moment but am sure when we get as close as you are wil be an emotional wreck!!! I just keep thinking of the fab sunshine, especially when its as cold as this!!!

    Take care
    Lots of luck

    Clare xx :lol:

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