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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by yan1, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. yan1

    yan1 Guest

    :frown:Hi Everyone
    First of all I am British my wife is South African two kids Girl 9 and Boy 6.
    We left the U.k 5 years ago and moved to George Western Cape South Africa (Stunning scenery and weather) work not so good (by the way I am a Carpenter of some 23 yrs)
    Anyway we lost faith in South Africa along the way some where, and decided to move to Adelaide Australia as neither of us fancied going back to the U.K.
    We had never been to Australia before so call us what you will,(mad,crazy) but we moved,on the 14/08/2009
    on our arrival to Adelaide I must say I was not impressed it reminded me of the U.K and the scenery is simply not comparable to South Africa, the people in general seem quite abrupt, I have driven pretty much up and down Adelaide and things are not getting any rosier.
    And obviously to my own fault this is know costing me a small fortune.
    So to the question could someone give me an overveiw or non bias comparison of the two states SA and QLD before I think of flying up and being disapointed,losing more money etc etc.
    At this moment I am seriously concidering going back to South Africa.
    Sorry to rattle on but wife and kids gone back to South Africa Already while I sort things out so its not so easy.

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