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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by smithsinoz, Mar 9, 2008.

  1. smithsinoz

    smithsinoz Guest

    hi there - we moved over to oz on a four year work visa in the 3rd january and staying in brisbane for four weeks - we are now renting a house in manly,brisbane and have been to swimming clubs and play group and my little boy is also going to swimming lessons. We moved over from hampshire in the uk and was wondering if there is anyone in the area that fancy's meeting up at a park or the swimming pool etc etc that also has little ones as i am feeling a bit loenly out here without all my friends and would love to make some new one:biggrin:

  2. kazandjim

    kazandjim New Member

    I would like to say hello. My name is Karen and would meet up with you but don't arrive in OZ until 19th April. We have a 10 year old son (Ryan). How old is your son?.
    Take care Karen
  3. smithsinoz

    smithsinoz Guest


    my son was 2(charlie) in december but would be great to meet you when you get here - email me and let me know when you are here - you can never meet to many people - only been here since jan but amazed at what you lean in such a short time if you have any questions let me know - i wish we had done are homework more but learning fast on the way of life over here. do you know where abouts you are going yet - let me know if you want info on places we know of so far
  4. Hi there. We moved to Wakerley (near Manly West) on Saturday. Very new to the area! It would be great to meet up. I have a (almost) 3 year old boy and an 11 months old boy. Let me know if you are still keen to meet. Thanks.
  5. smithsinoz

    smithsinoz Guest

    hi there - nice to meet you - we have only been here about 5 weeks - where are you from . yes would like to meet up my son is two years old. still finding are feet but have found out lots in the last 5 weeks so if you want to meet up let me know when and where - charlie would love it regards dawn
  6. Hi Dawn. I am British, although born and brought up in Kenya. I went to school in Surrey (I know Hampshire quite well as a couple of very good friends live there). I emigrated to NZ a few years ago, met my New Zealand husband there and then moved back to St Albans, near London, for 4 years. And now we are would be great to meet up. We have just come back from Manly as we went out for Fish and Chips at the famous corner F&C place there. Yummy! Would you like to meet one afternoon next week? I could do Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. If it suits you, we could meet infront of the Fish and Chips on the corner (I don't know many landmarks yet in the area) and then go for a walk to the playground near the waterfront. Let me know if that works for you or if you think there is a better place to meet. Thanks. Kind regards Michelle
  7. smithsinoz

    smithsinoz Guest

    hi there - glad you had a nice meal we enjoy it there too - we have just come back from a chinese at the marina in manly and it was so bad we were home in an hour and couldnt eat half of it - a shame. next thursday at about 3.30pm is ok if it is with you but charlie has to have some vacines next week but sure he will be ok my then any problems i will email you the night before - i didnt know that they have different vacines here than the uk so he has to have some more for here - not looking forward to it - look forward to seeing you - regards dawn
  8. Hi Dawn. I am going to PM you to confirm our meeting/time etc on Thursday.Someone said it was better to not put meetings times/places on the web (safety reasons), so I will confirm in a PM. Thanks. Michelle
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  9. Hi Dawn,

    I hope you are enjoying your new life in Brisbane. We are in the process of applying for a skilled visa and are being sponsored by Queensland as my husband is a plumber. Any tips or advise you can give me would be very greatly appreciated. We have done the paperwork side of things and are now waiting for my husband to do the practical skills test. I am in the process of trying to decide where to live and have done lots of digging about on the internet, but where do you start? We want to live somewhere between Brisbane CBD and the beach! (dont want much!!) and I have been trying to find out where the best schools are. My son is 7 and my daughter is 3. Any hints on areas which are good for young families (the young being the children of course!!)

    Would love to hear from you.

    Take care

  10. Hi folks
    I'm Sheena, married to Tony, 2 girls aged 13 and 9 and twin boys aged 4.
    We are currently in N. Ireland.
    We have been granted State Sponsorship form Queensland, just waiting for next stage!
    Depending on house sale, we hope to be in Brisbane by November.
    We hope to settle in Manly, Manly West, Wynnum, Wynnum West or Wakerley.
    If anyone has any advice or opinions on these areas, especially the schools, I would love to hear from them.

    Best wishes
  11. dmyers

    dmyers Guest

    Early Stages

    :smile:Just joined site as in early stages of visa application. My name Deborah, a 35 year old mum of two small children aged 3 and 8 months and would love some feed back as to which areas we need to research as we do not have a clue!!! Obviously will be renting to start with but need all the help we can get if you could offer any, hope to hear back from you soon, take care, debs
  12. smithsinoz

    smithsinoz Guest

    Hi sonia
    nice of you to get in touch, we are in MAnly and not far from the beech and find it great here. I have my son on a waiting list for kingergarden over here( if you want your 3 year old get on a list now as six months waiting lists everywhere) also open a bank account out here before you come if you look on the net there are a few ozzy banks that will do it for you we had the mistake of using hsbc that are also out here and we have had nothing but problems with them. hope all goes well and keep in touch - good luck
  13. :biggrin:Hiya everyone

    I am Tessa and live in Mooloolaba, Sunshine Coast. Moved nearly 4 years ago, and still love meeting new faces. People always seem to find me through the DVDs that help so many of you at livingdownunder, I have two kids aged 9 and 2 and run a mobile playgroup Tuesday mornings - get in touch if anyone would like to join.
  14. ColferFamily

    ColferFamily Guest

    Hi Dawn, My name is Lorraine. We are new on this site but moving to brisbane around Sept/Oct. (hopefully!) Manly/Wynnum is the area on the top of our list. I like the idea of living bayside. Would love to keep in contact as would be nice to have a friendly face when we get there. I have 2 kids, Eoin is almost 8yrs and Zoe is 1. We are from Wexford, Ireland.
  15. smithsinoz

    smithsinoz Guest

    hi lorraine, the area is grweat and there is loads to do for the kids we have bbq on the beach most weekends so different from the uk - please keep in touch and can meet up when you get here would be great - anything you want to know or ask just ask away we knew nothing when we first came out bbut have learrn so much about renting and doctors etc etc anything you what just ask - regards dawn

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