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Discussion in 'Jobs & Careers' started by Caroline K, Oct 13, 2012.

  1. Caroline K

    Caroline K Guest

    I am new to this forum. Im a Scottish nurse, hoping to move to Sunshine Coast area. Can anyone help me with cv for AHPRA??
  2. Podgirl

    Podgirl Guest


    I too am new to this forum and I have just sent off my application to AHPRA (Podiatrist). I just followed the guidelines that they have on the website and just listed placements I had completed and skills that I practised at these and annotated whether I was competent or observation. If you are not a new grad I suppose you will have to put work experience/employment history etc.

    I hope this helps

    I hope this helps
  3. the scottish smiths

    the scottish smiths New Member

    im a scottish nurse and i have my AHPRA reg in. thay are to be honest PEDANTRIC as feck. make sure you have every bit of intormation they need, caontact your uni and ask for your transcripts to be sent directly and pay for it there and then and also contact the NMC for your letter of good standing and pay for that then aswell, if you dont pay for it straight away they wont send it. job description needs to be the new AFC job description, i got my contract from HR and sent that. telephone them every 4-5 nights, dont talk to the monkeys on reception ask to be put through to the nursing department because if you dont they will just flog you off. took 5-6 month for mine to come through, my advice is also to put in your EOI on the queensland website www. qld. gov. au and start looking for jobs on because at the moment australia is going thorough there version of agenda for change so public health isnt employing so look for private jobs with sponsorship.

    ps. where you from?

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