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Discussion in 'Visas / Migration' started by JOMAC1290, Mar 29, 2010.

  1. JOMAC1290

    JOMAC1290 Guest

    Hi All
    New to this site. Have been planning amove to OZ for a year now and went to expo last year. Had enough points at that stage. Carried on saving keeping an eye on sites such as this and getting on with life here. Tied in to a job until Sept 2010 so hoping to move sometime after that probably around july 2011 due to eldest daughters exams. Now we find the points system has changed and we only have 105 :frown: not the required 120 due to the removal of mocl points!!! Worried and concerend about coming over on 457 and the pitfalls this may throw up with 3 children schooling, medical care etc

    Any help or advice welcome???????
    Thanks in advance
    Jo x

  2. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    Hiya i am far from a visa expert,lol, i cant keep up with all the changes!!! But ,, would it be possible for you to sit an IELTS english test in order to get the extra points you need?
    May be worth having a chat with an agent to see.

    Cal x
  3. JOMAC1290

    JOMAC1290 Guest

    Ok sorry was too brief in first post.

    Age 38 20 points
    Ielts >7 25 points
    Midwife 60 points

    Husband is HGV driver and has C&G as a brickie (although not done that for many years) aged 42 years
    3 children

    Yes planned on 175 initially now dont have enough points [​IMG] hoping for improvements in July announcement that benefit us [​IMG]

    Thanks Jo x
  4. srp

    srp No longer active member


    Like Cal, the changes in the Visa system have confused me (but that does not take a lot), I suggest you try one of the agents and see what they suggest, a good agent will give you a 15 min chat on the phone for free. They would be able to tell you what your options are at the moment. At least it may clear some of the fog that is surrounding visa's at the moment. You can always ask if they "feel" the situation could improve for you with the changes that are planned.

    Visa Buearu and Go matilda both have online assessment forms and will normally phone you to advise your chances.

    Obviously as a nurse you would have no problem getting a job here, but I can understand your concerns about costs of schools.

    I hope the future changes help and you manage to sort something out.
  5. Ozmaniac

    Ozmaniac Guest

    Your best option would be to apply for Queensland state sponsorship and then a subclass 176 permanent visa which is the same as an independent 175 visa but for applicants with state sponsorship. The pass mark for a 176 is only 100 points and you also get 10 additional points for having the sponsorship. By my reckoning, that will give you 125 points (assumes your wife has worked as a midwife/RN or 3 out of the last 4 years).

    The only catch with Qld sponsorship is that they will want you to have AUD$30k for settlement expenses, but if you can manage that so that you get the SS, you'll go to category 2 (or at worst 3) near the top of the visa processing queue (CSL/SS and almost certainly State Migration Plan i.e. cat 2 when that is released).
    Skilled migration to Queensland, Australia

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