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Discussion in 'Visas / Migration' started by tcj, Jan 3, 2012.

  1. tcj

    tcj New Member

    I am sure these have been asked before, sorry. We (my wife and three kids ) are moving to the Sunshine Coast in March. Could do with help on the following:

    I have a new TV - should I bring it? Also have read about a western box fro TV receiving - how does this work, where do you get them?
    Removals - being bombarded by removal companies - anyone recommend any?
    Mobiles - any insight into packages contracts etc - can they be done with a broadband package etc,

    Many thanks


  2. Martyn Elmore

    Martyn Elmore New Member


    Your TV should be fine. If you need a set top box (not sure what a western box is), you can pick one up very easily. Or connect to Foxtel (Sky).
    We used Crown removals. Can't fault the packers and unpackers. Others I know have used John Mason with no complaints. Get two or three quotes and use them to bring the price down by showing your preferred option the quote of another. Don't forget to ask if it includes the insurance, called transit insurance, if you want it.
    Mobiles- welcome to the nightmare of trying to understand the pricing system. Instead of pricing by time (eg; how many minutes a month) they price by value ( eg; $250 of calls may cost $50). But the answer to your question is yes, you can bundle all of your telecomms. However, unless you're moving straight into a home, it may be worth your while just getting a pay as you go sim card ($2 plus call charges), as long as you have an unlocked phone.

    Good luck
  3. tcj

    tcj New Member

    Many thanks

    Dear all, thanks for all the replies, really helpful and much apprecaited

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