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Discussion in 'Welcome' started by cityfan, Jul 16, 2008.

  1. cityfan

    cityfan Guest

    hello to everyone....i am relatively new to this site........hopefully coming to Brisbane in the next 6-12months on a 457....we have friends in edens landing...would love to hear from anyone with regards choosing a suburb...i realise it is a personal thing but a bit of guidance would be great!!....hubby and i have 2 girls who will be 11 and 13yrs.....i will hopefully be coming to work at brisbane hospital...need to be within half hour to 45 mins away.....ideally need primary and high school to be close to each other....i am so worried about the girls getting to and from school when hubby eventually gets a job........would like to live not too far a drive from eldest daughter is devastated to be leaving her dance school as she is on 4 teams there!!....a good dance school within driving distance would be an ideal bargaining tool!!!!! don't want much do i!!.....if anyone can help i would be sooo grateful...cheers to everyone...cityfan....x :laugh::laugh::laugh:

  2. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    Hiya guys needle and haystack spring to mind,lol, There are loads of nice suburbs ideal for raising a family ,have you looked at this lists 90% of suburbs and gives a run down on each one. is another site that you can search by suburb and get an idea for rental and property prices across the suburbs.
    Edens Landing is lovely ,so if you have friends there id put that on top of your list to check out first.You can never really tell if you like a place until youve seen it in person ,we ended up at the opposite side of Brissy to where we had planeed,lol, lots of driving around is the best way to research areas,bok a hotel or furnished let for a few weeks and have a good nosey around ,hope this helps a bit
    Cal x
  3. cityfan

    cityfan Guest


    hi...don't seem to have done anything but look at real estate!!....i have been on ourbrisbane and found it very helpful ...there just seems so many 'nice' places!!!.........thanks taking the time to reply....maybe edens landing for now and as you recommend have a look when we get there we can always move around......cheers...x :rofl:
  4. itsjo

    itsjo Guest

    Hi from the Sunny Coast :) Great to have ya here
    Jo x
  5. Mark and Jo

    Mark and Jo The MadHatters

    Cal is on the ball with the web sites that she gave you. Im out in BRissies west side but then saying that we are only 15k`s from the CBD which amounts to 20 minutes on the morning "rocket" bus!

    We are about 30 mins from the PAH and RBH. We are a bit further away from Prince CHarles and the other CHermside hospitals.

    We have good schools in Sinnamon park, jindalee and mount ommanaey area.

    Re: Beach - we are only about 45 mins away from Gold Coast and about an hour from the Sunny Coast.Wynnum is about 30 mins from us - havent been there though.

    Good Luck with your move! Remember we have all been there, seen it, done it and are wearing the T shirt so ask away!
  6. cityfan

    cityfan Guest

    sunny suburbs!!!

    hi guys...thanks so much for your doubt i'll be picking your brains soon.....thanx for the travel info on soon...x:rofl:
  7. OzinUK

    OzinUK Guest

    Hi Cityfan - good choice with Brissie! I grew up in the Western Suburbs (most recently Jamboree Heights) and that's a good area - there's a lot of different schools to choose from - including loads of private schools (reasonably priced ones too). There are buses that are run by the Brisbane City Council but are dedicated to the school run as well as private bus companies that run past public bus stops and then deliver the kids direct to their respective schools so you might not need to worry so much about the schools being too close (although these are generally for schools slightly further away). Having said that - in the area there is Jamboree Heights State School, Middle Park State School, Jindalee State School and Good News Lutheran for primary schools and Centenary High is around there too although a lot of the kids living there go to private schools on the trains or buses. The buses run into the city etc for the hospitals and are usually pretty quick once they get into the bus lanes. As for dance schools - I can recommend one in Kenmore called Sayers Dance Academy as I used to go myself (albeit about 15 years ago now) They are a proper dance school as opposed to one that might be run by an after school group or something. The Sunny Coast is about an hour or so away and the Goldie is about 45 mins - as Mark and Jo have already said. Wynnum is more like the seaside than the traditional Aussie-style beach, and loads of people keep their boats at the marina there but is great for trips out to Moreton Bay itself and the islands (if you get on a charter), fantastic for throwing a line out and just generally to smell the sea breeze and have some fish and chips. Hope that helps!

    I'm hoping to move back with my (English) boyfriend soon and found that this site has great info even for us non Brits! I hope you don't mind the invasion! Keep up the great work everyone!:biggrin:
  8. cityfan

    cityfan Guest


    thanks so much for all this info...especially the dance school name...thats a great help....all the info about school buses puts my mind at rest a bit too!!!!...cheers for your

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