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Discussion in 'Visas / Migration' started by GARYOX, Jul 10, 2009.


    GARYOX Guest

    Hello. Could anyone please advice on areas of Brisbane? We visited friends in Samford (North), stayed in Carina (South) and have friends and loved the Bayside / Redlands area, especially Wellington point, Birkdale etc. We are planning the move over there in Nov 2009 and any information about crime, social problems, environment etc would be greatly appriciated. We loved all the areas by the way.

  2. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    lol, jeez that is a question and a half,lol
    Only you will know which areas tick all your boxes, none of the places you mention have an higher than average crime rate and each area is lovely in its own way.

    Samford is lovely if you are going to be working in the city as it isnt a million miles away and offers that semi-rural spacious feel(it is also one of my fav suburbs in QLD)

    Carina is more built up and pretty central to city or GC, loads of shops nearby and would probably be the best option until you know where you will working etc.

    Redlands is popular with many new familys, there is a higher rate of Aged people in some parts, personally that doesnt bother me at all but i know it has put some familys off moving there. I like Thornlands and Victoria Point for familys, everything you need is close by including public transport to the city.
    Good Luck its a tough choice
    Cal x
  3. Mark and Jo

    Mark and Jo The MadHatters

    HAve a look on you can get some suburbs history on there. Also local council web sites would be a place to start for info I would imagine
  4. Fred

    Fred New Member

    Hi Gary

    We live in the Bayside area and love it here. Our kids are in school locally and we find the schools good. It's a safe area for families with lots of activities. I would definitely recommend it.....but then I haven't really been to the other areas you have mentioned.....they could be just as nice LOL

    If you have any questions, please ask!



    GARYOX Guest

    Thanks everyone for your info. What area of bayside do you reside in? Are your kids happy at school and what age are they? Mind are 15 and 12.


    Gary and Janice.
  6. Fred

    Fred New Member

    Hi Gary

    We are in Thornlands. I have children of 12, 10 and 6. My eldest is at Ormiston College and the younger two are at Ormiston State Primary. They are all really happy in school. So much so that i have decided to leave my younger two at the state school rather than move them to the college in year 6 (which is very common).

    All the local suburbs are good - Birkdale, Wellington point, Ormiston, Cleveland, Thornlands, Victoria Point and Redland Bay. People say that Alexandra Hills and Capalaba are less good, but there are nice areas in bith those suburbs as well.

    Good luck with the move. It's so hard picking an area. I think going with your gut feeling of what is right is the best way. Usually gut feelings are right.


  7. ABCDiamond

    ABCDiamond An old Member (agewise)

    I am in Victoria Point, and my 13 yr old goes to one of the local private schools in Thornlands. Costs us about $6,000 per year all in. She is very happy there.
  8. Mark and Jo

    Mark and Jo The MadHatters

    We live in the western suburbs (sinnamon park) - life is good here too!!!
  9. r17y

    r17y r17ych

    What school does your daughter go to? We are looking at that area and have been on some school websites but it is very difficult to really know unless you get word of mouth recommendations or if you are able to go and view them, which we will do anyway when we get there. We have a daughter who is 14 she was born in November 1994 so do you know what year she would go into? She would be starting year 10 in September here.


    Raych x:biggrin:
  10. Millo

    Millo Guest

    We stayed in Carina and have friends there but loved Cleveland when we came over at Christmas. Thornlands and Victoria Point are also close by and lovely. :biggrin:

    Its down to personal taste and jobs though. My OH works in Mt Gravatt and it takes him about 20 mins to get there. x
  11. Brian

    Brian Guest

    Hi you guys, Just wanted to add, Been here for 2 months holiday with my wife, we are staying at North Lakes which we found to be a very nice and welcoming place locals are very chatty, stayed for 2 weeks at the Q1 Tower at the gold coast in surfers paradise, this has made me think I need to move here, going back to Wales in the UK in a week and the weather is baaaadddd as usual, love the country ,found a great English pub the fox and hounds at Tambourine mountain food was brill as well. Luv Brissy city centre and south bank 10/10, be lucky you lot


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