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Discussion in 'Socialising & Get Togethers' started by smithsinoz, Jan 13, 2011.

  1. smithsinoz

    smithsinoz Guest

    hi there all you brits, i have moved to buderim on the sunshine coast and have been here since the 10th december - i am mrrid and have a small son who has just turned 5. we moved up from manly near brisbane and have been living here in oz for the last three year. but i only managed to make a few new friends down there and now i have to start all over again up here and to be honest none of the neighbours are very friendly and i dont seem many people and wold love to make some new friends - so if you are from the good old uk and live anywhere near give me a shout and maybe we can meet up. getting cabin fever really bad and would love to make some new friends - dawn :smile:

  2. Hi we live in mountaain creek

    Dawn, My Name is Rikki, we have lived on the sunshhine coast now for 20mths, we first lived in Melbourne but it wasnt for me, i had friends in the Gold Coast so managed to secure a job for my Husband here and its been the best thing we have ever done.I have a girl called Niamh age 8 and a boy 14 called Ashley , a 24 yr old daughter back in the Uk.

    I lve on Glenfields Boularvard on Sailfish drive , email me at and i will send you my phone number.

    i have many Uk friends here, my friend lives on Jones road in Buderim , my kids to Mountain creek Primary and the high school.

    I have friends moving up from the Gold coast soon who will also need friends so may be nice to meet up .

    We go to the Beach every wed night for Dinner on the bbq near loo with a view , you should come down on Wed and meet the gang.

    I look forward to meeting up some time, we originate from Buxton in Derbyshire and also Manchester .Speak soon RIKKI and Mark

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