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Discussion in 'Visas / Migration' started by sundowner, Jan 26, 2011.

  1. sundowner

    sundowner Guest

    Apoligies if this becomes long winded: history here goes ... mum and dad both poms now deceased. Emigrated to australia with my brother and adopted sister 1964 I was born in australia 1967 whole family returned to england 1974. Brother spent 9 years and so many months in australia. Visited for a holiday 1999. I am intending to return to australia to live permenantly in 2013 with my partner and children from previous relationship. Partner can get spouse visa, consent from ex not a problem. Children and I citizens that not a problem...... heres the problem.......

    Brother is over 45 (54 actually) and despite spending 9 yrs of his childhood as a resident.... because he is over 45 was told by australia house in uk not eligible for returning resident visa. Adopted sister still in uk and brothers wife has family here... so cant go for no family members in uk!!!

    My partner is a self employed builder and I will be a qualified staff nurse. Would it be possible to sponsor my brother and his wife??? I am aus citizen, spouse will be a perm resident, what if we sponsor them, brother works for my partner helping to build our new home and his two years wait period for centrelink could be waived as his 9 yrs of living in aus???? or does this have to be as an adult??? he returned to uk aged 18???

    bottom line, want a visa for over 45 yr old brother and his wife, to be able to live in aus and help my partner build houses ?? any help be grateful

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