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  1. Mrs Sunshine

    Mrs Sunshine Guest

    Hi all .. we are a family of five hoping to move to brisbane next year, we have a long way to go as havent even started the visa process yet!!
    anyone any hints tips on how to get started...? I think we may need to use an agency to do our visas as at least they know the system, and the best way to go about it, if anyone can recommend I would be grateful!

    would love to hear from anyone who has been, or is , in our situation!

    Thanks again x:laugh:

  2. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    Hi Welcome to BIB.

    We used Visa Bureau to help us and they were fantastic. Go Matilda also get good feedback on the forums.
    Good Luck with the visa applications, i don't envy you,lol,, it sure is a stressful process but worth it in the end! lol

    Cal x
  3. srp

    srp No longer active member

    Hi welcome to the site,

    Same as cal i used visa Bureau and found them to be first class, Go Matilda is highly recommended, you can look both companies up on Google and they do online assessments and will normally phone you to discuss the best options for your situation.

    Hope it all goes well, it can be a stressful experience
  4. Mrs Sunshine

    Mrs Sunshine Guest

    Thanks for yr info, thats really helpful, I will check these out asap! Can I be cheeky and ask how much it cost you for your visas from start to finish? and also how long the process took? I have heard allsorts from one month to three years?

    Also I noticed yr based in Jimboomba, this was an area we are considering.... job dependant of course!
    how is Jimboomba for schools, transport, house rental etc?

    Really appreciate your comments....its soooo helpful!!

    Thanks again

  5. srp

    srp No longer active member

    To be honest the cost and time factors will depend on what sort of visa you are going to apply for and if you are going to need to take any trade tests. I came over on a Spouse visa and it took 10 days to be approved, that time scale has now increased to 6 months, so as you can see no one will be able to give you an accurate time scale until they know your full details. When you contact an agent, they will give you a price and tell you what is needed and how long it will take.

    Good luck with your application and do not get too frustrated with the process it can get very annoying at times.
  6. cal

    cal Super Moderator


    It was 5 years ago when applied so i cant quite remember visa costs now,, i do know we wouldnt be here without them and they really helped calm my

    Jimboomba is great for us,we first came here until we got on our feet and 4 years later havent moved too far yet,lol,, i have been answering your childrens questions best i can,lol, and have only just seen your post to me (sorry).

    What are your occupations? Hubby is a mechanic and works mainly on the Gold Coast, it takes him approx 50-55 mins each way via the rain forest , so a bit of a drive (albeit pleasent) but better than sitting in a traffic jam,lol.
    A few migrant familys have settled around here this last couple of years , so its nice to here an english accent every now and again,lol. Most of us have settled in Flagstone which is a master planned community, unlike most estates though you can buy acerage homes which gives you a great garden for the kids to play in or to keep animals if thats an interest to you.

    If you need any more info on the area just post away and i will do my best to help.
    Cal x, Jimboomba and Flagstone don't have great public transport yet, its coming in the next few years but if you wont both have a car it could be a struggle for you.
  7. Mrs Sunshine

    Mrs Sunshine Guest

    Thanks for that, I have contacted a few agencies, so hope to get some quotes very soon!!

    I get the feeling this is gonna be a hard slog!! lol

  8. srp

    srp No longer active member

    and that could be the biggest understatement you ever make :laugh:

    Good luck with the application.

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