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Discussion in 'Welcome' started by losh1978, Jan 5, 2009.

  1. losh1978

    losh1978 Guest

    Hi All

    New to this site and was just wanting a bit of information and advice please. My partner and 2 children are wanting to move to australia and brisbane in particular. We have a family sponsor through marriage who said they will do everything they can to assist us in the move. I am a an nvq lvl 3 nursery nurse and my partner is a forklift driver and a cook operative. I also have a second job working from home in customer services/sales and it is transferable to australia as there main offices and outsource department is based there.

    Could you please advise which visa is going to be the best option for us as we been looking at this for some time and are stuck at to what would suit us.

    I have looked at the job websites and for me there are going to be plenty of jobs as a nursery nurse aswell as my home job. Maybe my partner could retrain in something to help lol.

    All answers appreciated.



  2. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    As a forklift driver i think your hubby would find work easily too, he may have to redo his licence here to keep the aussies happy ,lol, but im pretty sure he would do ok.
    Really not sure which would be the best visa for you, im never looked into the family sponser ones. I would contact an agent such as Go Matilda or Visa Bureau ,Nest Step Australia etc and have a chat with them, all should give you a phone consultation free of charge, its up to you if you then sign up with them or go it alone, either way you would know for sure all the visa options open to you and what could be the best way to go.
    Hope this helps a bit, Good Luck
    Cal x
  3. losh1978

    losh1978 Guest

    Hi Cal

    Thanks very much for your quick response. Something I will need to look into then a bit more. I may give them agencies a call then for information on what would be best but I am wanting to do all the paper work etc on my own as these agenices can charge the earth lol.

  4. Burness2Oz

    Burness2Oz Guest

    Hi Lorraine,

    We r early stages of our migration process to hopefully heading to GoldCoast. Hope it goes well. Hx
  5. losh1978

    losh1978 Guest

    Hi Thanks for the reply, we been thinking about it for a year now then had a few problems but hey ho we back on form. Now we just getting the money together to send in with the aplication then we start all the process but I can't wait. finishing of the house aswell to put on market.

    Can anyone tell me the process please like meds, visa's etc would be much appreciated.

    By the way are you using an agent or are you going it alone.

  6. Burness2Oz

    Burness2Oz Guest


    We have decided not to use an agent and save the money but that is very much a personal choice.

    We were told the order of play is skills assessment (if u r applying for skilled visa) as the tests do not happen that frequently so to get it started ASAP, then meds & police checks, then application, I think, someone please correct of this wrong???
    Where in the Uk do u live now? Do u have kids?
    Have you also looked on Pomsinoz website? It is the same as this they are both VERY informative and questions get answered quickly.
    Take care Hx
  7. losh1978

    losh1978 Guest


    Yeah we from the north near sunderland. We got 2 kids. Been onto poms in oz and expats site but found this one a bit easier to undestand and work around. My skill is a nursery nurse with 1 years experience and I work for an australian company from home which I can transfer over to australia, I also have a family sponsor or do I just go it alone. Stuck as to what would be best for us.

  8. Burness2Oz

    Burness2Oz Guest

    Lots of decisions and they are all BIG!!!
    Maybe you can earn comission and get us Poms a job with your Oz company!!!???
    Good luck Hx
  9. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    Most people wait till the Case Officar requests your meds and police checks, these are the last things that need doing. You can front load (send them before they are asked for) but bear in mind , you will have to enter Oz within a year of having them done. so if you have them done 6 months brfore the visa is granted you will only have 6 mth to get organised and get here. hope this makes sense,lol
    Cal x

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