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Discussion in 'Welcome' started by Eastey, Sep 26, 2007.

  1. Eastey

    Eastey Guest

    Hello Everyone,
    Just been told about this site by our AC Engineer who arrived in Oz ten weeks ago.
    We have been in Oz/Brisbane - Albany Creek for 2 years now with 2 teenage children. It was the best thing that we have ever done. We absolutely love it here. The start was hard and my daughter had a couple of tough months but we rode the waves and stayed positive and have never looked back. None of us wants to go back now and my childrens lives are so different to the lives they had in the UK.
    I cant even put my finger on what it is that has enriched our lives so much although obviously the sunshine helps and the fact that we are so positive because we have never forgot why we wanted to come in the first place.
    Anyone that is considering moving Northside of Brisbane I can 100% recommend Albany Creek. It has everything that we wanted - shopping centre with supermarket, chemist, restaurants, fast food, bottle shops, bars, banks, estate agents, lots of other shops and fish & chips and a lovely indian restaurant- Bombay Bliss and believe me a good indian meal isnt easy to find in Oz. In door skating rink, outdoor skate parks, kids parks, forest parks with spotless wood burning BBQ's, 20 mins from Redcliffe for fishing and the beach and the childrens lagoon, 10 mins either way to cinemas, 25 mins from the city and 15 mins to the biggest shopping centre you could wish for in Chermside along with multiplex cinema and bowling alley. An hour from the lovely sunshine coast beaches and only an 1/2 - 1 hour away from the car ferrys to take you over to the beautiful islands of Stradbroke or Moreton.
    Right I am going to shut up now because I sound like I work for the tourist board :D to be honest there are so many lovely areas and very few not so nice areas. Our good friends live in Bayside and they wouldnt be anywhere else but I just wanted to share my view of where I live.
    Good Luck to those of you in Limbo - I think the Limbo part was possibly the most stressful time of my life but it was all worth it and I wouldnt change a thing.

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