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Discussion in 'Welcome' started by wannaBthere, Jan 11, 2009.

  1. wannaBthere

    wannaBthere Guest

    Hi all,

    Signed up last night, UK time, and only just decided to be brave and introduce ourselves.

    We are a family of five, my hubby Mark is a Mechanic (oops, Car Technician!), then there is myself Leila a stay at home mum of three children 12, 10 and the littelist monster nearly 4.

    Mark has passed his paper based assessment and goes for his practicle in April, so fingers crossed please. We have decided to do the skills assessment on our own but, will be using an agent (we have spoken to them) for our PR Visa.

    We origionaly looked at Adelaide but decided the weather was a little to like England and therefore could be restrictive and, wages are higher is Brisbane. The States system seems to run similar to each other though. Housing is a little more expensive in Brisbane but the wage will cover that. I have not researched in any major depth at the moment and if I am wrong in what I have typed please let me know, it would be greatly appriciated.

    Hope to get there one day,

    Team Cotton :rolleyes:

  2. ABBEY

    ABBEY Guest

    Hi we are also a family of five and i also work in the motor trade as a spray painter,been offered a job but been told it will be hard for a family of five to survive on a single wage of about 60,000 dollars a year.What kind of wage has your husband been offered? and could a family of five survive on one persons wage.
  3. wannaBthere

    wannaBthere Guest

    Hi Abbey, thank you for your reply. I have just started a little conflab with a person called Mel. The thread is called 'Hello Mel'. Join in, I am sure she would not mind we have never chatted before either.

    In answer to your question, we think it will be hard. The other way we are looking at it is that we will have a better quality of life and, I will have to get a part time job within about a year (children and schooling permitting) to help us get on our feet.

  4. Hi Abbey. We are a family of 5 as well. I have a 13 yr old daughter, 3 yr old son and a 9 mth old boy. I have not not thought about what job I will do so I have no idea of what the salaries are like. I'm not sure also about when is the best time to time to leave actually regarding my daughters education and her GSCE's.
  5. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    Hi guys welcome to brits in brissy, we made the move over 2 years ago ,hubby is a diesel mechanic on the Gold Coast and i have 2 kids, 5 and 10, shout if you need any help or advice and i will try my best
    Cal x
  6. Mark and Jo

    Mark and Jo The MadHatters

    HI there,

    I`ll echo Cals welcome! We`re about 15k`s from the CBD in BRissies west. Same applies! We`re all here to help!
  7. wannaBthere

    wannaBthere Guest


    Hi and thank you for your replies. It is nice to know you are there, although I might just bombard you all with many questions as time goes on.

    Oh, Cal sorry for assuming you were a man! and thank you to the person who put me right.

  8. ABBEY

    ABBEY Guest

    Hi again apparently GCSE'S COUNT FOR NOTHING IN OZ,please correct me if i'm wrong.I've got my daughter on my case moaning because she's doing hers,and not sure what to do.
  9. wannaBthere

    wannaBthere Guest

    Hi Abbey, I think the best person to ask or find out about it is Cal. Post a new thread I am sure someone will try to help.
  10. WARDStoOZ


    Hi and welcome to BritsinBrisbane!

    Lots of Luck with all of your plans...!!!

    Dan :)

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