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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by wannaBthere, Jan 12, 2009.

  1. wannaBthere

    wannaBthere Guest

    Hi there, noticed we are the only ones on line. A chap called Cal (moderator) normally replies, he must be out and about.

    When do you go. Leila :smile:

  2. We are just in the thinkin stages. Been thinkin about moving for a couple of months then thought well lets just do it. So then I searched online and came across this website. When do you go?
  3. wannaBthere

    wannaBthere Guest

    Thanks for response MEL

    We are not there yet either, in fact no where near!!!

    My hubby is a mechanic and has just passed his paper based assessment, he will do his practical in April.

    We have looked all over oz with a general research (not in too much depth) and we narrowed in down to Adelaide and Brisbane. We have now decided on Brisbane re. weather and wages mainly.
    How did you end up with Brisbane?

    Back in five, going to make a brew....

    Leila :wub:
  4. We decided Brisbane because my husband's uncle moved there about 3 years ago and he loves it and the more I research the area the more I really want to go there. Where are you living now?
  5. wannaBthere

    wannaBthere Guest

    We are in Manchester, what about you? Oh, I have just sent a reply to someone called Abbey and asked her to join in our conflab. Non of us have ever spoken before. One way to build a friends base no matter what happens.
  6. wannaBthere

    wannaBthere Guest

    Gonna sign off, for a while be back on in about a hour ish...
  7. Yeah the more the merrier. We are up in Northumberland. My husband is watching Australia's deadliest destinations, not a good programme to be watching I don't think. I'm terrified of spiders. What made you want to leave the UK?
  8. wannaBthere

    wannaBthere Guest

    Hi Mel, back again.

    I think Abbey has gone off line. Also, my computer seems to be running slow tonight and its a shame we have no chat room (never used one though).

    What kind of work does you husband do? and what does his uncle do and where does he live?

  9. My husband is a house husband at the minute. I was the higher earner between us and childcare cost more than my husbands wage so he left his job to take care of the children while I went back to work. I feel guilty leaving them but everything costs so much it was the only option.

    His Uncle owns a hairdressers and I think he has other ventures as well. He lives in Cootharaba.
  10. wannaBthere

    wannaBthere Guest

    Role reversal, you got to do what you got to do these days. I have the same problem. Can't go out to work re childcare. What sort of work do you do?

    I must sign off now, need to do the childrens' lunch boxes for tomorrow and been decorating the last two days so a little worn out.

    Check out I have been looking at it between out messages, very useful.

    Take care, will PM you next time if that is okay.

  11. Yeah Leila PM me whenever. I really need to sort out uniform etc anyway. Take Care Mel
  12. Cerberus1

    Cerberus1 Administrator Staff Member

    Cals a lassie! She's having an adveture away this weekend to Coff Harbout. She'll be on later. Welcome to the forum!

  13. nrance

    nrance New Member

    hi there sorry for butting in on youre thread, but i just had to askmhow you are all getting on with making the mov as were just at the thimking about it stage[well hubby is im raring to go kids on my side]
    so if anyones got any help or info re jobs schools area please let me no ta

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