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Discussion in 'Welcome' started by harveywallbanger, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. Hello..............I'm Nicky and I'm new on here, so thought I'd drop a line.
    I'm married to Paul and we have 3 kids 10, 8 and 22 months.
    We plan to move north of Brisbane if all is sucessful with our visa. We applied through hubby as he an Engineer on a 175 Skilled Independent VISA. Visa was sent on 28th September 2007 and got conformation of Aplication 4 days later. Know the hard part just waiting for a case officer. Well I look forward to recieving your posts. Any advice would be very welcomed.
    Bye for now:smile:

  2. Kate

    Kate Guest


    Hi Nicky,
    We are also applying for a 175 independent visa which we initially started in September. For some reason we got a case officer straight away, ( sorry not meaning to rub it in just curious- I sometimes feel the whole process seems to be random!) Anyway we have done all we need to do I think. All paperwork received, acknowledged and medicals finalised by 14/01/08, so now just checking email every day for news but none forthcoming.
    We have 2 girls 6 & 3 and are hoping to go to Brisbane in September (if we manage to sell our house!)
    Good luck with yours and keep us updated.
  3. Hi Kate, nice to meet you:laugh:
    Wished we had applied online now seems to be alot quicker.
    The waiting is the worst part, its bad enough just waiting for a case officer so it must be nerve racking waiting for the final decision. Did you applie online or paper based?
    Where in Brissey are you hoping to be?
    We're looking north of Brissey, around the Redcliffe area.
    Been looking at where to get Medicals done, Southampton loks best place for us as where only 45 minutes away
    stay in touch Nicky:wub:
  4. itsjo

    itsjo Guest

    Welcome to BiB Nicky and family...You are gonna love it here
    Jo x
  5. Kate

    Kate Guest

    Hi Nicky,
    Yes it is nerve racking waiting for our visa to come through! I've been told it can take 4 months after your meds have been finalised (ours were finalised 14/01/08). We did apply online and did it independently, which I think was the right decision for us ( but could change my mind on this if it all goes pear-shaped!)
    We really don't know where in Brisbane we are going yet , and may consider going north of Brisbane but need to research it a bit more first.
    I wil keep you posted re our progress and please do the same.
  6. afiyafifi

    afiyafifi Guest

    Hello nicky , just wanted to welcome you to bib .... karen
  7. Lou

    Lou Guest

    Hi there!

    The waiting is the worst bit, it seems to take forever but you'll get there in the end!


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