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Discussion in 'Welcome' started by kangabanga, Dec 2, 2011.

  1. kangabanga

    kangabanga Guest

    Hi, I am new to this forum, after being referred by my partner, Judy.
    We are planning to move to The Sunshine Coast next April, if all goes well with the sale of our house. If not, we will be flying there to validate our visas. We are a family with three kids aged 8,5 & 2, who have been more excited about our plans since we said we were going to Queensland as aopposed to WA! We soent a month there (started there & travelled down to Sydney) early this year and they loved it!
    Hope to pick your brains for ideas and tips and benefit from your collective experiences, good and not so good!

  2. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    Hi Anne Marie

    Welcome to LIQ. The sunny coast is lovely with some really nice suburbs, the only negative you tend to hear is work can be hard to come by and lots of people have to travel into Brisbane.

    Good Luck with everything
    Cal x
  3. Lisa Nother

    Lisa Nother New Member

    Hi, we (hubbie and I) are moving over in January. The Sunshine coast is (at the moment) our ultimate goal but we are starting in or around Brisi for the reason that Cal quotes, i.e. easier to find work. I am hoping that once we have settled in we may be able to find work up the coast, but the last thing I want after a 4 hr a day commute to and from London is not to work close to home. I'll be interested in your progress. The good thing is, even from Brisi the gorgeous Noosa is only 1.5 hrs away and can easily be done in a day, or for a long weekend. We feel the same about QLD, much more excited at the thought of settling there than we were with SA. We're not ruling anything out though, after moving all that way we want to remain flexible. I just think we are all so lucky.
  4. moreboots

    moreboots Guest


    Myself, hubby and kids (12 & 17) moved to maroochydore from uk on 22nd nov. I had a job interview the dsy after i arrived and started two weeks later. (So much for my idea of having a couple of months off on the beach!) hubby got a job two weeks before xmas and starts on jan 3rd.

    Just wanted to say we have settled really well despite a bit of a whirlwind start. Everyone has said we've been really lucky to get two very good jobs so quickly and possibly thats true but there are jobs out there. Its a beautiful area, the locals are really friendly and i love the place already.

    Be positive and contact all the recruitment agents before you arrive to maximise your chances. And enjoy the ride x

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