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Discussion in 'Welcome' started by anna&steve, Feb 4, 2007.

  1. Hi to all, we 5 are planning to visit Brisbane at easter 2008 with a view to emigrating ( 2 adults 3 children 15, 13, & 9). however i feel swamped i have books, maps, friends info, www, points and forms etc etc and do not know where to begin. we would like to be out of england by september 2008 and would like to know when and how to get the process going so that after our visit we can just go!!!
    I would appreciate any good www sites for local estate agents and employment oppertunities around brisbane. i am a nurse and steve is a marketing manager with a retail background.
    slowing down our pace of life is a must however property/areas and education are very important to us can anyone help me!!! i am sure you can.
    thankyou for you time and please remind me how much better your lives are since emigrating that will help with the sadness i will feel from leaving friends and family xxxxx

  2. scunnybunny

    scunnybunny Guest

    Hi anna and steve

    We are too looking at going to live in Brisbane we went on a reccie trip last August and loved it. We are looking at living in Redlands an area south east of the city. We also have 3 kids only 2 planning to make the move though 2 lads 13 and 11...18 year old staying at home for the time being.

    I presume from reading your post that you have not started the actual process yet but you sound like I did when we first started out.

    In my honest opinion and it was the same for me you have to much information to look at and it all gets too confusing. Put the books away. :) I know its hard but you can do it :lol:

    The most important thing is to do your skills assessment have you spoken to anyone about your skills testing yet or are you going it alone? Once you have done that its relatively plain sailing.

    These are the websites I use

    We passed our skills assessment yesterday despite the pain and anxiety its caused its a where are those books.........

    Hope this helps

    Kaye :D
  3. Boomer

    Boomer Guest

    Hi Anna & Steve

    I found 2 really great sites were:- This website has suburb info, schools, loads of stuff basically This website is the local paper and has a jobs section, real estate. Again heaps of info.

  4. jenjen

    jenjen Guest

    Hi guys,

    we are planning a move to Brisbane too. Our fact-finding mission planned for may/june next year. There is indeed a huge amount of information and it does start to overwhelm. Books and maps etc are good for determining where you might want to settle but then have limited use until you are actually there I think.

    My advice would be to speak to some agents, just 2 or 3 and they can advise you re. the correct visa to go for. you can get a free initial consultation from most agencies and you don't have to employ them if you don't want to. Phil Olsen on the pomsinoz site is good, and also go-visa. you will need to complete the forms for your skill assessment before you can apply for your visas. These forms can be downloaded from

    Hope this is of some use to you. Good luck.
    jenjen x
  5. ragner

    ragner Guest

    Hello all

    Now i understand that there are alot of people which prefer to come to Australia on a reccie and if you can great,but i have noticed that alot are planned for 2008.What i would advise is that thoughs of you which are going on a reccie contact an agent for a chat 1st.This is because the visa process can take from 10 months upwards (depending on what visa),perm visa's may take longer.Also depending on what your skill is depends on where you can live.If your skill is on the wanted list you should be able to choose where to go,but in some cases you might not,for example if you are going for a skilled visa and you are looking at moving to Brisbane or Perth ,your skill might not be in demand in these places but Melbourne or Adelaide might want you.So going on a reccie in say Perth might be a waiste of your time or dissapoint you.
    When I was going through my visa app my skill was on alist but not the top so we were originally going to Melbourne on a state sponsered visa but 3 months into my application my skill went onto the top list so i could go anywhere in Australia,which we chose Brisbane(not that there was anything wrong with Melbourne but Brisbane was always our 1st choice).
    So my advice would be to check 1st where you can /can not go on the relivent visa.
    But saying that we have enjoyed and are still enjoying our life here in Brisbane.Good Luck to all

    Cheers Jamie
  6. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    Hiya guys ,i agree with the above post ,i would speak with an agent first just to see what visa you could get ,there wouldnt be much point doing a reccie to Brisbane if you could only get sponsership in Melbourne,etc ,we have been here about 3 months now and it just gets better,our entire visa process took 7month start to finish just as a guide,if you need help with anything just ask
    Cal x
  7. Just to say thankyou to all those who have helped i know which visas i can apply for and will now be starting our process, we will be asking loads more questions soon, thankyou again we will keep you posted x

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