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Discussion in 'Welcome' started by THE DUNSCOMBE FAMILY, Jun 5, 2009.

  1. Hello everyone, i just wannted to say we are currently living in Melbourne, i havent settled at all, been really poorly since i arrived and so came up to THE GOLD Coast AS I HAD A FEW FRIENDS THERE, also made some friends through the other websites not sure if allowed to mention them on here, anyway, we loved the gold coast and are hoping to relocate sometime soon or else i think ill be going back to the uk on my own, i really dont like it at all in Melbourne.I am 43 and other half is 45, he is an AUDI DIAOGNOSTIC TECH with 25 ys experiance behind him, the job was in Melbourne so thats why we headed there, were on 175 independant visa thank goodness , because ive been so ill been in hospital too he has taken time off to care for me and the children, the Docs say its a combination of the stress, panic attacks and anixity, the move, and unfortunatly early menapause, its been truely awful, so not the start we planned at all.
    We have two children age 12 and 6 and i left my 23 yr old back in the uk as she has a life of her own with a young child 4 (im a nan) and a fiance.We are hoping to make some friends on here to help and guide us like we have already done on the other sites, some of you may recognise our names ..............Kept the user name the same so those that know us already hi to you all.Im praying to god it happens soon for us i felt so much more relaxed and at home over in QLD, thanks for reading this post

  2. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    Hi guys welcome to BIB, its a bit quieter here than PIO lol. I will have a chat with Gary later as he does all the diesel engine diagnostics for many main dealers on the Gold Coast, i will see if he knows of anyone needing staff.
    Good Luck with everything
    Cal x
  3. HI That sounds great , We applied at Audi Gold Coast (JAMES FRIZELLES ) IN SOUTHPORT AND AUDI SUNSHINE COAST, THE GUY IN SOUTHPORT RON HIS NAME, TOLD MARK HE WAS PENCILED IN , but that dont help our sitiuation, it would be good if your hubby had some contacts coz i really need to get out of this place its like a rat race and i hate.Both of these garages want mark i just wish things would be set in concrete we would be very grateful for any further help in making this transition sooner many thanks RIKKI MARK ASHLEY AND NIAMH
  4. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    I think in all honesty the only way to set a job offer in concrete is to go in person. I would seriously consider him flying up for a couple of days, he would only need to stay one night. Print off prior to his arrival any garages he thinks are in commuting reach of where you want to be and walk into them with CV in hand and sell yourself. When Gary did this when we arrived he ended up with a choice of offers.
    Sunny coast will be way to far to commute if you want to live on the Gold Coast,commuting to Brisbane, should he have to, will take long enough.
    good Luck
    Cal x
  5. hi cal, thanks we did do this when we went to stay up in the gold coast, We basically walked in and annouced who he was and also had his cv .It was whilst we were there the job offers were offered but as yet nothing has come of them, he has even spoken to both garage managers who want him on board, but as yet the contracts have not been recieved .its a case of which one comes first as to weather its the goldcoast or Sunshine coast , but im kinda thinking of lets just move anyway be happy and attack the garages lol on our arrival, hopefully the one in the goldcoast will come going to get mark to ring again this week ...........Weve done the ground work as far as audi goes maybe we need to look at different franchaises,
  6. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    I think your idea is right, move and attack the job front whilst finding a rental, settling in etc. It is highly unlikely either of you will work in the first 3 or 4 weeks due to the amount of stuff you need to do on arrival, not just rentals but buying cars, sorting furniture, looking at schools etc, so you would be still in temporary accommodation no doubt(leaving sunny and Gold coast still open to you).
    We did the 'approach garage' stuff whilst out with Wanted Down Under and raised interest although no-one would say yes for definate until we arrived properly and Gary went to the ones he preffered.
    Good Luck
    Cal x
  7. we got the call on monday this week

    Hi Everyone, just wanted to let you know the job offer come through on Monday, Mark flies up to SUNSHINE COAST IN TWO WEEKS FOR Signing the Contract, its the one he had hoped for so its all change SUNSHINE COAST IT IS, got the packers commin in thee morn FRIDAY, so with a bit of lucck should be up there soon ..........It all looks alot more promising now, im hopeful things are now turning aaa corner for us, it truely has been an uphill struggle with me being so unwell but that to is looking better now so im hoping this move is the dream weve yerned for since our journey began back in the uk.Fingers crossed its soon

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