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Discussion in 'Welcome' started by lynne, Sep 14, 2008.

  1. lynne

    lynne Guest

    Hello our family is made up of myself Lynne my husband David and our two boys Adam 18 and Paul 11 years and grandad who is 86 yrs

    We have been successful in obtaining our 136 skilled independent visa and visited Adelaide to validate it in August. Well we were very disappointed with Adelaide. It was cold, the houses were poorly designed. There were very few large houses and if you did find one it would be on a small plot. The majority of the old houses have been pulled down and 3 or 4 houses have been build on the same plot. It seem 20 years behind for everything.
    We stayed in the Barossa valley which is a beautiful area of Adelaide. We were 30 minutes from the central of Adelaide (not in rush hour) 45 minutes to the centre in rush hour, yet the Aussies said we were miles away. Yet there was no bus service to the area so our 18 year old and grandad were stranded without a car. For the 18 year old (who has left school) there seem very limited opportunites.

    What is Brisbrane like for a family of different ages?

    We are so glad we validated as there is no way we would of stayed in Adelaide.

  2. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    Brisbane has something to offer everyone ,areas like westlake,sinnamon park ,albany creek are great family areas with some lovely houses and all have decent rail/bus links into the city (where your 18yr old would be happy). If you wanted a large plot like an acre upwards youd have to come more out of the city zoning though. Have you looked at property on ? this should give you a pretty good guide to what you can get where.
    Lots of suburbs around the gold coast would suit your family needs too,you dont have to live in the hustle and bustle to have good access to the theme parks and nightlife,there are some lovely family orientated areas such as Pacific Pines,Coomera,Robina,Oxenford, the same would apply here youd have to go a little further inalnd for acerage plots, hope this helps abit
    Cal x
  3. WARDStoOZ


    Hi there, we're a family of four (the adults and the boys aged 16 and 13) also from Birmingham and thinking of emigrating to Brisbane. Where abouts in Birmingham are you from??? We're from Kings Heath. I'm the eldest boy (16) and I went to Brisbane in July and loved it but my advice is to take a look at everywhere first as you found with Adelaide... some places won't suit your tastes...

    Speak soon,

    Frances, Ian, Daniel and Adam aka WARDStoOZ x
  4. Mark_C

    Mark_C Guest

    I moved here recently from Adelaide and have found there are a lot more homes on good sized plots, that are still located close to shops, schools and work areas, whereas in Adelaide as there was very litle in the outer suburbs and the road network is quite poor there aren't many large blocks until you get right out in the sticks.

    I also found house prices to be better here for equivalent homes and areas, despite the "average" house price being lower in Adelaide, I think this was because there was a proportionately much higher number of smaller lower cost homes and areas there, which has affected the averages.

    There are definitely many more job opportunities here, and generally a lot more to do with your free time, for people of all ages.

    And even in the worst houses you won't be cold for very long here, I found Adelaide winters seemed to go on for ages, and my house was freezing.

    I sometimes wish I had validated first, but then again my 2 years spent in Adelaide helped me to really appreciated Brisbane :laugh:
  5. Mark and Jo

    Mark and Jo The MadHatters

    Have been in Oz and Brissie almost 4 years now! We love it but there is just the 2 of us until next month when my parents arrive. They have got their CPV and are emigrating.

    Anything particular u wanna know? any particular areas you are looking at?

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