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Discussion in 'Welcome' started by tetleybitter, Jul 16, 2009.

  1. tetleybitter

    tetleybitter New Member

    Good evening to everyone on this wonderful site. I originally came to Brisbane from Leeds, West Yorkshire, in Dec 06 with my Aussie wife who was pregnant at the time with our son and found it really quite difficult to break from UK habits and integrate into the Aussie way of life (too used to the pub lol). Originally it took a lot longer for my temporary residency spouse visa to come through than anticipated, but got that in May 07 and started work as a trainee correctional officer in June. Unfortunatley then received the sad news from my sister that my dad had been diagnosed with primary liver cancer in Oct 07 and so returned to the UK asap.

    Although he passed away quite quickly in Jan 08 we spent a lot longer in the UK than we really should have, and were quite unlucky to have been burgled on 3 separate occasions, so we made the decision to return to Oz and are now living in Redbank Plains not far from my wifes family. This second time around is proving a lot easier for me to integrate and I'm enjoying my time back in Brissie, and it's good to know there are lots of other Brits out here also. The rental house is great, furniture is all out of storage (rest on the way from the UK), and I'm really looking forward to hopefully meeting lots of new friends.

    My son is nearly 2, my wife is starting Uni next week, and now I just have to find work, but it would be great to hear from anyone who would like to meet up for a coffee, have a chat about their time in Brisbane, if there are any husbands out there who play golf, I'm itching for a game if anyone's up for it?

    I look forward to being a regular contributor on this site, and for anyone thats also new, if you have any questions, my Brissie wife would be happy to help.

    I look forward to hearing from everyone, have a lovely evening.

    Kind regards.

    Richard, Erin & Connor

  2. brig

    brig Guest

    Hi Richard Erin and Connor:)
    I'm new on I'm originally from Haifax eyup lad:)
    Have been living in the north east for years now. We are moving to the Brisbane area or south of Brisbane like Hellensvale or there abouts in Jan hopefully for good or a few months later. Obviously other half has to go were the work is, he's a cabinet fitter like bedrooms/ kitchens ect but dose other stuff too. We are bringing our ikkle chiwawa too. Our kids are all grown up and have there own life but two of them want to follow on later to oz, and the third is staying put:( But their choice at the end of the day.
    We have been to the gold coast 2 years ago and love it. but we don't want to be living in a city but would like easy acess to the city's and beach.
    OO forgot to mension that I do reborn dolls and arts and crafts so I need to be near to the likes of craft fairs.
    Any info would be grately appreiciated:)
    cheers Brig:smile:
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  3. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    Hi guys
    We arent a million miles from Redbank Plains and are too enjoying life. Good on ya for coming back and giving it another go !
    Cal x
  4. tetleybitter

    tetleybitter New Member

    Hi Cal,

    Thanks for the reply and good wishes. All the best to you and your family also. Have a lovely weekend.

    Erin, Rich & Connor
  5. nmm

    nmm Guest

    Brisbane V Leeds

    I'm currently waiting for my permanent residency Visa to be processed, hopefully sooner rather than later.
    Not sure on exactly where we (wife and 3 young kids) will move to in Oz, but Brisbane is currently winning based on internet research, but never having been there.
    I currently live just outside Leeds and have lived in and around Leeds for the last 12 years. Can you compare and contrast the two cities for me please? I.e is Leeds bigger than Brisbane? A shopping comparison (for the wife). etc. Anything you can provide will be greatly appreciated.
  6. brig

    brig Guest

    Hi there, i havn't been to Leeds shopping since I was a young girl. But after visiting Brisbane it kinda reminds me of london HUGE:)
    So plenty of shops for you wife to get some much needed retail therrapy ha ha:)
    Good luck and hope you get your visa's sooooooooooon:)))
    All the best Brig:biggrin:
  7. tony & marie

    tony & marie New Member

    hi all
    we lived near leeds (wakefield) for many years until 4 years ago, still go back to leeds often, Whitelocks pub!, my wife worked at LGI, me at Pinderfields!
    Coming to Brisbane in October and would welcome any tips re: areas to rent in, not too expensive with good state primary schools, we have two girls aged 9 and 6. I have a job in and around Strathpine (pine hills) and my wife may have a job in and around Caboolture, any ideas?
    We would love to meet up with anybody who's interested when we arrive

    Tony & Marie
  8. Mark and Jo

    Mark and Jo The MadHatters

    Hi guys!

    Mark said to say hi to you Erin! Not coming back to join him on buses then????
  9. Fudgley

    Fudgley Guest

    We're from Leeds origionally and find Brisbane to a similar size city (maybe a little larger).
    Sandgate / shorncliffe is a good suburb with a "village " feel to it, very child friendly and its on the water. only 35 mins by train to the CBD.
    Shorncliffe primary is one of the best state primarys in Brisbane. Strathpines 15 minutes away and caboultures about 1/2 hour up the freeway against the traffic.
    Rents are a bit expensive but like everything in Australia, you get what you pay for.

    Used to love the Tetleys in the "Black Dog" in Wakey.
  10. tony & marie

    tony & marie New Member

    Now then Fudgley
    Have booked our flights and arrive 21.10.09! Will check the area you suggested out. We wre in Wakey over the week-end, saying buy to all our friends, had a thick head the next day!!!!
  11. tetleybitter

    tetleybitter New Member

    Hey guys, Erin seriously looking at and considering the buses again. Hope you two are doing well.

  12. Rudi

    Rudi Relocation Brisbane

    Hi there

    Don't worry!! There is HEAPS of shopping in Brisbane! The shopping centre at Chermside is the 9th largest in Australia and Carindale is the 11th on the list!

    Hope that helps



  13. GeeGriff

    GeeGriff New Member

    Hi guys, we are also wakey people and loved to drink in the Black Rock, We have lived in Scarborough / Redcliffe for the last 14 months and we our loving every minute.

    So if you want to get in touch maybe when you arrive we could all meet up !!

    Liz Griffiths
  14. tetleybitter

    tetleybitter New Member

    Hi Tony & Marie,

    How are you guys finding Brissie, good I hope? Are you settling in to the Aussie way of life? I've not been very active on here for a while so my apologies for not responding earlier, but just wanted to wish you well and maybe someday meet up for a pint or two.

    Take care.

    Rich & Erin
  15. tetleybitter

    tetleybitter New Member

    Hi there Liz,

    My apologies for not responding to your original post, I've been a little inactive on here lately. Glad to hear there are other Tykes here in Brissie and also other Tetley lovers (but you can't beat a drop of Stella too). I've been back since June, still no joy in finding work but hey ho, keeping my fingers crossed. If you guys ever fancy a beer/bbq it would be good to make some new friends (not really met many people since being back).

    Have a great weekend.

    Rich & Erin
  16. GeeGriff

    GeeGriff New Member

    Hi Tetleybitter, would love to meet up sometime hubby a keen golfer but all his mates so far don't play.
    Where abouts do you live we could meet up one weekend ? We live on the Redcliffe peninsular in Scarborough.

  17. tetleybitter

    tetleybitter New Member

    Hi there Liz,

    Sorry I misread your original post, I see you're from Wakey, not Leeds, so that wouldn't make you Tykes lol. So your hubby is a keen golfer, he's not too good at the game is he lol, just looking for a bit of 'friendly' competition lol. My wife (Erin) and I and our 2yr old boy (Connor), live down in Redbank Plains, out towards Ipswich way. So, although Scarborough is a fair trek, I'm sure we could work something out for one weekend or another. Do you have children? Be great to meet up with some new people and hopefully we can set something up soon.

  18. tetleybitter

    tetleybitter New Member

    Hi there Fudgley,

    Good to see there are some other Tykes out here, are you footie fans, aren't Leeds doing well for a change, and the Rhinos are the champs once again, hoorah! Glad to see you like the tetley's too, can't believe they're closing the brewery in Leeds, scandalous!!!

    If you fancy a pint or three sometime just drop us a line, we'd love to meet up with some new people.

    Kind regards.


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