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Discussion in 'Welcome' started by prman, Jan 22, 2009.

  1. prman

    prman Guest

    Hello eveybody, we are brand new to this, turned back from the brink last year moving to Adelaide, wasn't right for us, now thoughts return again & we are considering brisbane, whats it like folks??....we have 2 children, 15, 13, my wife works in Local Goverment & I'm an Electrician & Guitar Teacher, Adelaide didn't seem to have much work for Maintenance Electricians, whats it like in Brisbane for work?, also what are the secondary schools like?, what are the peoples attitude towards Brits? does it get unbearably hot? & finally it looks Beautiful to me but what are the areas like/crime levels? I ask the crime level question as Adelaide was voted the crime capital of the world which put me off a bit moving there, I won't ask about visas/moving etc as we got all that last year, just if any one is over there that can shed light on these questions I would be grateful, thanks, Paul.

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