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Discussion in 'Welcome' started by AndyW90, Jan 20, 2009.

  1. AndyW90

    AndyW90 Guest

    Hello to everyone out there on Brits in Brisbane!

    Just like to introduce myself really so here it goes. I'm Andrew, 18 and curently a student at the University of Sheffield, studying to be a Town Planner. However I have been accepted onto our Study Abroad program, which means I'm coming out to live in Brisbane for a year from July09. I know this is really for migrants, but I though I'd join anyway, hop you don't mind. Saying that however, I am investigation moving to Australia at some point in the future so this trip is also gonna allow me to decide whether to move or not.

    Andrew =]

  2. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    Wow what an oppurtunity,, lots and lots of luck. Keep us updated as to how you get on wont you?
    Cal x
  3. AndyW90

    AndyW90 Guest

    Yess it certainly is, thats why I've took it & yes I'll keep you all updated!

    I'm looking at flights already and have found a deal for £735rtn with Emirates, however it has to be booked before 5th Feb! I've looked at other airlines on the dates and they are already charging over £1000rtn, so it looks like i'm gonna be booking emirates before i've got my visa sorted, but i've been told we can't start visa apps until i have heard from UQ which won't be til late April! By which time I imagine flights will only get more expensive, so its gonna be a risk to take I think.

    Can anyone tell me if emirates are a good airline? I've never travelled with them before or used Dubai Airport, so what are they both like?

    I have family who live in Brisbane too, who i'll be staying with for a while. They emigrated in the 60s & 70s and live in the Mansfield/Wishart area. So another question about them, what are they like, what is there to do close by, what shops and how far away is it to UQ at St. Lucia and Brisbane CBD. They have told me public transport is quite good, but what do you guys think?

    Right I think thats enough questions for now, thanks to anyone who answers, your info is much appreciated!


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