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Discussion in 'Welcome' started by fmck, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. fmck

    fmck Guest

    Hello everyone.

    My wife and I have two daughters in their early teens. We are hoping to move to Queensland early 2012. We live in Northern Ireland.

    I like the look of Nambour. It seems fairly quiet, yet it is near everything.

    The most frustrating part of the visa proces IMHO, is getting everything together for the application. I have been over two months getting my UK qualifications approved. I now have to go to Melbourne for an oral exam (skills assessment) and a medical before I can submit my application.

    I was told that the application should take two to three months which isn't long, but I am dreading the journey to Melbourne for the skills assessment. Still, many families wait two years or longer and at least I have a job waiting.

    If anyone has any info on Nambour, I would appreciate your feedback.

    Best of luck to anyone who is in the visa process and good luck to those who are heading to Oz, or have arrived.

  2. Martyn Elmore

    Martyn Elmore New Member


    I've been through Nambour a couple of times and it seems, as you say, to be well placed. However, as with most things, if everybody thought the same way, we'd all be living in the same place! For me, it's neither one thing or another. It's not on the coast like Coolum or Mooloolaba, though not far away, and while it's inland, it's not on the mountain top like Malleny or Montville. It's a place that you go through, although quite a reasonable looking place. There is a large hospital there.

    But if that's the worst thing that I can think of, you may have found you own little piece of paradise. Just like most of us that are already here have!!

    Good luck with the visa and the move.

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