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Discussion in 'Welcome' started by marknkaz, Mar 28, 2007.

  1. marknkaz

    marknkaz Guest

    I have accepted a job working in Brisbane (at the airport), starting in July.
    They are paying for the first six weeks accom, but then I am planning on renting for a couple of years to make sure it is for us, me, o/h and 2 boys (18 months and 5 years).
    Can anybody give any advice on which are nice areas that would be handy for the airport?
    Also any hints / tips for emigrating and things we should be getting sorted out sooner rather than later.

    Any help would be appreciated and I can get you a tinnie in July to say thankyou and hello.

  2. Boomer

    Boomer Guest

    Hi Marknkaz

    Jeez that cheap Aussie wine at 10-40pm I can't stop typing. Hendra is supposed to be lovely and really near the airport. Not cheap though. Hints wise is difficult. You will be comparing the two countries like buggery for the first 6 months and they are totally different. No Tescos, etc, etc. Miss your family, not being able to see Brighton play football at the weekend (no comments here please on Brightons abilities at football). You need to give it at least 3 years. You might go back to the UK after, but long term you will see how much better it is over here. You might be like us and be a ping pong pom but not anymore for us.

    Still come over and see what you think.

    Mines a Tooheys Extra Dry please....a carton that is!!!


  3. marknkaz

    marknkaz Guest

    Cheers for the reply, I'm a Pompey fan so we both can be laughed at!!

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