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Discussion in 'Welcome' started by prman, Jan 26, 2009.

  1. prman

    prman Guest

    Hello eveybody, we are brand new to this, turned back from the brink last year moving to Adelaide, wasn't right for us, now thoughts return again & we are considering brisbane, sorry for all the questions but here goes... & thanks for reading..

    we have 2 children, 15, 13, my wife works in Local Goverment & I'm an Electrician & Guitar Teacher, its last chance decision time for me as I'm 43 shortly & I understand 45 is the cut off date for skilled workers, could any one tell me that once youve been granted your visa does it matter if you then drift over 45? & how long does the visa last before you have to that flying out & then back thing just to get your passport stamped?

    Adelaide didn't seem to have much work for Maintenance Electricians however Brisbane seems to have more work for me, looking at the Australian papers I notice Australia is suffering from the downturn as well as the UK, one of the main reasons for us wanting to go is to give my Kids a better chance in life, are there good opportunities for our Kids or are jobs/careers scarce? things here are now dire for youngsters leaving school, I know a lot of young people out of work with no training & not much hope, it can't be worse than it is here, also what are the secondary schools like?.
    could anyone tell me the rough cost of getting out here now, things have changed since we last priced it all up, we estimated about £15k for flights/removals/visa application process/ agent fees & the dog, could anyone who's just moved here shed any light on that issue? & give me some names of removal companies/ pet flights/ Immigration agents ( I would probably go with Go Matilda as they seemed very helpful & reasonable last time)
    how long before you can get a mortgage out there? we would rent initially hoping to buy once in full time work are you finding it out there? we will not miss family so much as most people as we moved from scotland to England years ago & got over the missing family thing, but that aside, whats it like? the weather must make a big difference to morale, how similar is the life style if at all? whats the aussies attitude to us? they all seem a decent bunch to me but I don't live there, is there lots to do for families/Kids?, any input would be most appreciative, thanks for reading folks, Paul.

  2. Beaverdog

    Beaverdog Guest

    Some answers to a few of your questions

    Hi Paul
    I am new to this site and am currently living in Adelaide but planning to move to QLD.
    We moved here in July 2007 and it has never felt right for us. We have travelled around Auatralia and been to Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane & Cairns. Noosa on the sunshine coast is our favourite and we would certainly like to move up there in the next year. My son is currently in Yr 12 which are A-level equivalents, although he will be 17 when he leaves school. The schooling is very different here.
    With regard to costs we had a full container through White & Company which was around 4K and flights were around 2k for four of us one way. You do of course get an extra baggage allowance if you are migrating which is 40kg. Despite this we had to pay a small excess baggage fee. We used an agent in Perth who was recommended and is excellent. She will give you an instant decision with no need to fill in hundreds of forms. The criteria changes regularly and one day your skill will be on the preferred list and another day not. We were lucky as I am a social worker so got PR straight away. It's well worth having if you can get it, but not a problem if you start with a temp visa. I can let you have our agents name if you are interested.
    One word of warning older kids find the move hard. My son was 15 when we arrived and had just completed YR10 in the UK. He found it a real struggle and seeing him so upset was heart breaking. He is still not overly keen now and would go back to the Uk any day. That's another reason for the move to QLD, Adelaide is just too quiet for us.
    I can't help with dog info but I know tradies are in demand so you shouldn't have a problem getting a job as an electrician.
    With regard visas you have a year to activate your visa, you don't have to get your passport stamped you can just arrive. For example we had been on several reccies before getting our visa. It was issued in September 2006 and we did not leave the UK until 30th June 2007.
    Hope this info has been useful.
    If you want anymore info I'm happy to help, I know how daunting the whole process is.
    All the best
  3. Mark and Jo

    Mark and Jo The MadHatters

    Welcome to Brits in Brizzy, head over to our sister site Pomsinoz too
  4. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    Hi Prman welcome to brits in brissy.
    I think your costings are pretty accurate with animal shipment included.
    Shipping wise its best to have 2 or 3 quotes and go with who YOU feel is offering the best service. I have personally used Crown Relocations twice and highly rate them, Dorre Bonner is another company you never hear many bad reports about.
    Agent wise , again there are plenty out there , the ones i know have looked after families are Go Matilda, Visa Bureau, Cheryl Bird, Ian Harrop, Next step Australia, the list is ndless, ring them all and again see who you feel comfortable with.
    Once your visa is granted you normally have to enter the country to validate by a certain date, this is normally 12 months from the date on your police checks or medicals, which ever was done first.
    I am no expert but am pretty sure as long as your application is lodged before you are 45 you shouldnt have any problems.
    I have relocated families who have been given mortgages within their first few months here, it does depend on you being in employment and the bank you approach.
    Overall i have found the aussies to be very helpful and friendly, yes you get the 'pommy' banter but give it back and they respect you more! lol, i have seen no racism and very little crime, this can vary suburb to suburb so i guess it all depends where you choose to settle. I personally am much more relaxed here and the kids love the outdoor lifestyle, they have more freedom and i dont feel that i have to keep track of their movments as much as i did in the UK. They both enjoy school, find it more relaxed and the teachers more open and down to earth.

    Well i think i covered most of your questions, my 5 yr old now wants a kiss night, night,lol hope this helps and feel free to fire away with any questions you still have, one of us will try to help.
    Cal x
  5. prman

    prman Guest

    thanks for all your help & info Cal, Paul.
  6. Goldcoaster

    Goldcoaster Guest

    Hi! My husband and I migrated to the Gold Coast seventeen years ago and have had four children 16,14,12,10 we have never regretted coming, do not miss family (too busy !). The lifestyle is really good, we are down the southern end by Gold Coast Airport the place is family friendly and relaxed the beaches are close to hand everywhere to enjoy the simple pleasures in life like going for walks and visiting the cafes along the way. Always things going on .. well it is a holiday destination after all .. big Rock and Roll and Classic Car Festival on next week. My kids into sport my daughter surfs before school and after, my son roves in a pack of body-boarders up at first light on the bus to beach and returns at dark board and flippers in hand! What a life-style! I am sure this healthy life-style and interests keep them out of trouble! I highly recommend a move here, we would not be living the same life in England that is for sure is what you make of it and this place has all the ingredients to make a good life for yourself and family ... I think we arrived with nothing and have built up from there, we sold our house in England for a loss, rented for a while, saved a deposit then built our own four bed place with a pool all on one wage at that stage! Sorry, I do not have any up-to-date experiences on getting out here, but I have never had anyone say anything about me being a pom .. I am probably more local than a lot of people here as many move from Victoria etc., to live here must be the weather!!! I had better go now as the surf is up and I am driving my daughter to the beach second surf of the day .. she was out at six this morning!
    Enjoy your weekend!

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