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Discussion in 'Welcome' started by Mark and Jo, Aug 12, 2008.

  1. Mark and Jo

    Mark and Jo The MadHatters

    Things have quietened down on here lately so I thought that I`d do what I did on PIO!

    My name is Joanne. I am 37 this year + I am a registered nurse. We live in Sinnamon Park in Brissie and have been here for 4 years in Feb 09.
    OH is Mark , he is 44 and a bus driver for Brisbane City Council.

    We have 2 kids from Marks first marriage...Matthew and Charlotte are twins of almost 21 and they stayed in UK.

    Who are you, where are you + what stage of the visa process are you at?:biggrin:
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  2. Its Me

    Its Me New Member

    Hi Jo, How ya doing hun ??

    Here goes My name is Claire ( 38 omg ) Im married to David who is 44( really old ) and we have 2 boys Ben (14 ) and Oliver (11 in 2 weeks) Im a childminder ( not for much longer i hope ) and David is an IT manager.....Still in Durham UK but hopefully heading out to Brisbane area......
    We just recieved a possitive assessment from ACS ( Australia Computer Society ) on Friday and his job is also on MODL......... well it is...... but not in Queensland so now David has to do the IELTS test which he is not looking forward to and of course its more money (£100 ) so this will be done a week on thursday ( 21st August ) he is really flapping about it as english is his weakest subject......Dosent matter that he already has several degrees and a PHd !!!!!!!!!!! never mind !!!!!!!!
    So after this we hope to get the Visa started.........

    Claire. XX

    TOBY GRIFF New Member


    well we are here in brisbane at last in a place named carseldine its nice and we are just getting to know a few places
    have sorted bank account and done medicare and will start the job search soon

    toby and family
  4. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    lol, im getting Deja Vu,lol

    Ok im Cal married to Gary with 2 kids (4 &9),we moved to Flagstone,Jimboomba on the outskirts of Brisbane nearly 2 years ago on a 136 visa,
    We had our first taste of aussie life whilst filming the pilot episode of Wanted Down Under in March 2006,we knew then that this was the place for us.

    Gary is a part time Diesel Mechanic working on the Gold Coast and between us we have succesfully built up our buisness . We have settled many familys from all over the uk and other states of Australia to various suburbs across Brisbane ,Gold and Sunshine Coasts.We offer a personal relocation service and short term furnished accommodation .

    In our free time we enjoy exploring different areas of Quuensland and spending quality time together as a family.The men in this house are motorbike mad and us girls like the horse scene,moving to Australia is one of the best things we have done and life just keeps getting better.
    Cal x
  5. Hi everyone,

    My name is Sharron (36) and I am a Drug and Alcohol worker!!! My OH Andrew (36) is a bricklayer, we are just waiting for vetassess to send him confirmation of his place on the practical assesment in October. We have three kids Rebecca (16) who is currently studying for her NVQ2 in childcare, Matty (12) and Kenan (9) who wants to be a builder like his dad! We are hoping that we will be on our way to Brisbaine in around 12 months time if all goes to plan.
  6. chellem

    chellem Guest


    Im Chelle Im 28 and married to Gavin who is 31. We have three girls Lexie (6), Tillie (2) and Lottie (7 mnths). We moved to Beerwah on the Sunshine Coast in May this year and we have never looked back!!

    We originate from Manchester and wanted a better life to bring up our ever growing family!

    Since being here we have secured a rental and made lots of wonderful friends. We have a great social life - my friends are always coming round for lunch or coffee and the kids get on great, we have had numerous bbq's and the next plan is for us all to go camping as we have recently bought tents! The men often go to the local pub and come home very merry!! We are hoping to organise a girls night out to Mooloolaba very soon.

    Gav has recently reluctantly started work lol - I think he thought he could be on holiday for ever! I have started a relocations business with my best friend Jo which is going well and most definatly wasnt on my plan of things to do when I got here lol I was supposed to be taking it easy and sunning myself - but I am so glad I decided to do it

    The girls have settled in to school and play group and have made lots of friends so no worries there.

    As a whole we love our life here and wouldnt change it for the world - it is definatly worth doing - it can be hard and you do have to work at it - but the rewards speak for themselves

    Good Luck to you all waiting to come over

    chelle x
  7. itsjo

    itsjo Guest

    Hi guys...
    Great idea to re introduce Jo..
    I am Jo (42) and other half Paul (39)..Have 4 kids, 2 of whom stayed in England (22 & 19)..Have lived in the fantastic Sunshine Coast for a year now and have never looked back...Paul has a brilliant job on the Brisabane Tunnel and I have a Relocations Company with Chelle.. Our children (16 & 13) are loving it here and we are too..It is one adventure after another and it really is a wonderful place to be..
    Jo x
  8. cityfan

    cityfan Guest

    hi....nice to meet you all!!

    :rofl:hi...i'm mel, 37 next week!...registered nurse...documents for qnc being certified at court tommorrow!! put on market yesterday....hoping to get over july ' hubby is ian, we have 2 girls 10 and 12....not sure what area we would like yet...need things to keep girls occupied...decent schools....NEED a dance school as daughter dances here on 3 championship winning teams, latin formation, disco and cheerleading.... so not happy about moving at al!!!.....applying for 457 visa.....hope to chat to you all soon....any advice greatfully received....melanie...x:laugh:
  9. Well im Lee (37) my wife is Lisa (38) and the two kids are emilly(10) and Lucy(7).
    We applied for 136 visaa back in April 2006 and by July 06 i have completed my TRA as a General Electrican. After many problems / holdups and after having to go through medicals and police checks twice due to the duration of problems We were finally granted visas and an apology on 31st Jan 08.
    our house went on the market and its since sold and we move out next friday.
    We have visited twice already and plan to arrive in Brisbane around the 16th Spetember but wont tempt fate by booking flights till the money has been transferred to brisbane first.
    We plan on settling in Narrangba although we also like the road north to Beerwah etc too.
    Im Motorbike mad and also love fishing and music, The wife loves ironing and washing !!:wink: ( she will kill me i tell ya )
    And we all love the outdoors & socialising . Kids love dancing, signing and HSM (help)

    The good byes have started today with kids friends and im working away till sunday so lisa is having the first taste of goodbyes on her own .

    Anyway back to work !!:err:



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