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Discussion in 'Renting & Real Estate' started by Andanna, Nov 11, 2014.

  1. Andanna

    Andanna Guest

    Hi there,
    Looks like our dreams are coming true, my husband has been offered a transfer - We are moving up from Melb we have spent the last 3 Christmas's up there, around the Helensvale/Hope Island area (As well as 1 yr on the beautiful Fraser island.)
    We have been doing our homework and want to be near water so we just assumed it would be that area we'd move too. Altho I have come across Victoria Point & Redland Bay in my searching, that too looks like a beautiful area. We will be renting for a yr or so before we make any decisions on buying.
    We are wanting a good area and good schools (public) - Any advice (good or bad) on which area offers a better lifestyle for a family with kids aged 13 & 11 and a dog?
    Any good netball clubs around those area's also would be great.
    My Hubby will be working in Acacia ridge and is happy to travel around 40mins (we understand with traffic that could end up being an hour) But happy if we can have the lifestyle. :)

    Thanks Dan

  2. Keith & Linda

    Keith & Linda Member

    We live in the Victoria Point /Redland Bay / Thornlands area, whilst close to the water there are no real beaches as such and no waves, best beach would be on Coochie island, or over to Straddie, but then you may as well drive down to the Gold Coast, as we do nearly every Sunday for a walk on the many beaches (with dog). We find Victoria point has everything we need and is pretty central for City and Gold coast (45 min). Accacia Ridge would be on the 45min mark too.
    There is a massive Netball complex at Pinklands 1.5klm from Victoria point.
    Cannot really help with schools other than my niece & nephew went to school at Mount Cotton and Victoria point and both then went on to university. There are both State & Private schools in the area and I never heard anything bad about any of them more likely good comments if any.
    Helensvale, well other than knowing its at the Gold Coast and therefor nearer the better beaches.
    Please feel free to ask any further questions and I will try to help, otherwise good luck with your move.
  3. Andanna

    Andanna Guest

    Hi Keith,
    Thankyou for your information - I really appreciate it. :)
  4. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    Out of the suburbs / areas you list Helensvale would be the easier for travel to Acacia Ridge. It may be worth waiting until you can personally drive from A to B at rush hour as this could be a deal breaker on where to settle.

    Cal x
  5. Andanna

    Andanna Guest

    Hi Cal,
    Funny you say that.... We also thought of doing the test run during peak hour to see how it goes, my husband is going up next week to check out the worksite etc Then where both going up the week after too check out the areas for schools/travel. So will give it a shot and see how we go...:)
    Thankyou x
  6. Hi Dan
    I wrote a book called Where to Live in the Gold Coast, and another called Where to Live in Brisbane. They're no longer in print but my point is, I know all of these suburbs really well - and a heap more.
    There are a few things to consider before jumping in and deciding a location and yep - commuting time is a biggie! You have chosen well though as Hope Island is part way there, yet you still get the nice Gold Coast lifestyle and housing. However - bear in mind sandflies (midgies) are a big issue on the canals and good schools are a little further afield.
    Victoria Point is stunning but again, midgies and schools are a bit of an issue. Manly is divine but the traffic across to work will kill him!
    Of those you mentioned, I would choose the Hope Island, Runaway Bay, Santa Barbara, Sanctuary Cover, Paradise Point coastal area in the north Gold Coast. There are a couple of private schools in Coomera (just across the highway from Hope Island) and one in Ormeau (just up the road).
    However - housing is not cheap in any of those area, so bear this in mind.
    All of those areas are close to the beach and great for teenagers and dogs btw.
    If you would like, I can put you in touch with some locals in those areas so you can get their advice on what schools they likes and didn't with their kids.
    I also have free suburb profiles that I'm happy to share with you as these list schools.
    Just email me.
  7. Keith & Linda

    Keith & Linda Member

    Sorry, but the above highlighted is just not correct. Having lived in Victoria point (now next door in Thornlands) and will be moving back soon, there is no problem with midges, and there are some excellent schools in the area, my neice and nephew both went to school there and both moved on to universities. The Commute from Manly is really no different than any other suburb at that distance from CBD, and certainly better than the commute from the Gold Coast region.
    From this I would be cautious about any specific recommendations and do some further independent research of your preferred area's
    Regards Keith.
  8. The commute is not to the CBD. It is to Acacia Ridge.
  9. Keith & Linda

    Keith & Linda Member

    OK, so that makes it an even better commute from Manly or Victoria point.
  10. Andanna

    Andanna Guest

    Hi Chantal, what a shame that there still not in print. I've just come back from a quick trip up to QLD before the school's closed to enrol kids into schools and find a rental.
    Thanks so much for all your information.
  11. Andanna

    Andanna Guest

    Hi Keith,
    Thanks also for your advice... We decided on Cleveland, I just love it and not to far away from Vic point or the other areas your mentioned. I have my sister - in - law moving back to the Manly area next year so will be nice to not be too far away from family also. We actually did a peak hr. drive to my husbands work and wasn't painful at all, were use to a bad run here in Melb being up to 1hr 1/2 - 2hrs so it was smooth sailing for us. :)
    I got my son into Cleveland District High School which im wrapped about as ive only heard great and fantastic things about the school. My daughter into the feeder primary school which she'll only be for 1 year. Only found out today we got the rental we wanted so all happy this end, things are just falling into place nicely. Now it will be to make some friends up there and not be a loner... Hahahahaha ;) Very excited now, were aiming to get up mid Jan a week or so to settle in before school starts.

    Thanks for everyone's help and advice, I cant thankyou enough

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  12. Keith & Linda

    Keith & Linda Member

    All sounds good Dan, hope it keeps that way.
  13. Dave

    Dave New Member

    Hi Dan,

    I hope you and your family are well and all settled in to your new life in QLD.

    I came across this thread when researching our own move to Queensland.

    We are looking at Cleveland, Thornlands or Victoria Point, and will be up in a few months to get a feel for the place.

    I'm interested, since it has been a few years now, in how have you got on? Any advice for a family about to do the same thing? What would you do differently? Are their any cons to each place we are thinking on moving to?

    Thanks in advance for help!



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