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Discussion in 'Schools & Education' started by fuzzbox, May 4, 2011.

  1. fuzzbox

    fuzzbox New Member

    Hi there folks....

    Does anyone have children at Helensvale State High School...... that would like to share their views and experiences with us...

    We have 2 boys, the eldest of which we are aiming to get in to this school....

    Any views, good or bad would be welcomed xxx

    thanks xxxx


  2. PaulaOley

    PaulaOley Guest

    Hi Fuzzbox

    My son Lewis (14) goes to Helensvale High School, he is in year 10, he loves it, in the UK he was a very quite young man, but here he is totally different, the school is very good, most people that I spoke to before we came here told me it was a good school, he is doing well made plenty of friends, it took a couple of weeks, had no problems so far, have a look at there website. Hope this helps

    Paula x
  3. WOO

    WOO Guest

    Hi all ive just joined this site..We are just waiting on our case officer with news to our visa s after passing our medicals on the 23 december 2011 after alot of stress and OH needing to go for an ECG due to high blood pressure..Fingers crossed all being well we will be moving to Helensvale stopping with my brother...(Till we land jobs, settle etc ) The question im asking if anyone can help??..My son s 16 just finishing his final year in the uk doing his GCSE s in june/ Helensvale high school a good option? any local schools in that area..private? or other that you would recommend? He s doing well in most subjects in his GCSE... A* For his Maths A in art..B in science and due to his dyslexia ( like his mum! Me! ) we are hoping he will pass with a C in English he really wants to do Computers at college uni...Just want to give him the best chance and easy any anxiety..also if we leave the uk july 2012..should we wait to enrole him at a school start of a new year (Jan?) or will they take him sooner? thanks for taking the time to read this if anyone has any info ? know any clubs my son could join? meet young people? his age in the Helensvale area? please, please reply thanks wendy xxx
  4. sharon h

    sharon h Guest

    Helensvale high school holds Little Athletics on a friday night, great for all ages and a great way to meet people. Good luck.
  5. Luke

    Luke New Member

    Yes Wendy they will take him earlier somewhere. No doubt. Let him do a bit of year 10 near-ish the end of the year, get to know a few faces and make some friends, have Christmas and do year 11 and 12. He'll need to have y11 + 12 to get his OP to get into University. I started out doing IT (Computers) at QUT. All Universities offer IT in some form. There's little variation in entry requirements. Most students need roughly an OP 13 at the moment. English is required for pretty much everything at University level and in some cases (UQ in particular) they really like you to have Maths B for IT.

    Best of luck

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