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Discussion in 'Schools & Education' started by Team B, Nov 10, 2010.

  1. Team B

    Team B New Member

    Hi there,

    could anyone please give me an opinion about Helensvale SHS, Upper Coomera College or Pacific Pines SHS. we have narrowed it down to the three but I dont think any research can beat 'local knowledge'


    Lynne x

  2. fuzzbox

    fuzzbox New Member

    Hi Lynne

    I too will be interested in these posts as we will be moving out there in May/June 2011 and our sons will be attending one of these schools xx

    I have read some not so positive things about Upper Coomera State Primary, but not sure what to believe really xxx which is a shame as we are looking to rent on Jessica Drive for a couple of months until we find a more perminant rental xxx

    Good luck

    Lisa xxx
  3. Team B

    Team B New Member


    Hi Lisa,

    I hope that your move goes well, its a tough time but beautiful out here....

    We got here and were told in no uncertain terms by just about everyone not to go to state schools at all. It is apparantly not so much the education, but the environment which is the problem, kids dont want to learn, disruptions, lockdowns (kids locked in classrooms whilst staff all deal with a problem kid etc etc.

    An English lady I have met lives further down in Robina and sent her Son to Robina State high and he has his lunch money taken off him and never gets homework, if a teacher is off, which is often, they simply have a free period to do as they please.

    On the other hand I met an estate agent who said that her eldest daughter went to Upper Coomera State college and it was terrible and her other daughter goes to Helensvale and she said there are some undesirables there but they have encountered no problems so far. She too lives in Coomera.

    These are all hearsay Lisa, not what we have experienced ourselves so you will have to make up your own mind, I just wished I had had a reply and so knew a little, if only someones opinion, of what it was like here before we came.

    We ended up going down the private school route. In Australia it is not like the uk. It is roughly 50/50 go to private or state. Whereas in uk only 5-10% would go down the private route. My kids both went to perfectly good state schools in the UK. Private schools here are not as expensive as the uk....

    I really hope I have not given you cause for worry, just hopefully some information. I was told a week or two before we came out by a teacher at the uk schools about the percentages private/state and so it was all a bit of a shock to find we had to find school fees as well when we got here.

    A couple of my Daughters new friends went to Upper Coomera State and Coombabah state and they have said they know that in order to get any education they needed to switch to private, but many Australian parents seem to send kids to state primary and switch to private when it all becomes more important in secondary.

    If you need any more info on this or anything else please dont hesitate to reply back and i will try to help, but like many things on the site it is only a personal experience and opinion.....

    Good luck....

    Lynne x
  4. fuzzbox

    fuzzbox New Member

    Wow Lynne..

    That's very scary.. I work in education in theis country ( small primary school) and am shocked to hear that. Do you have any idea about costs for private school. My eldest is just about to start his GCSE's in this country but would be alittle later starting them over there. I think we may have to look at a private school for them very soon..

    If anyone else has any info on school I would be very pleased to hear them...

    I will also start a thred in general posts as I think post in this section may be often overlooked...

    Speak soon Lynne xx

    Love Lisa xx
  5. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    Thankfully my experience of the state schools is totally different to Lynne. Both my children attend state school one now high and the other still in Primary. In the 4 years they have been in school here there have been 3 lockdowns,, 1 because of strange man wandering around outside the school perimeter, 1 due to a seperated parent trying to take their child to move interstate and 1 due to a teenage boy trying to access school and speak to his YR10 girlfriend. At first i was shocked to hear about Lockdowns,, but after incidents in America these last few years i think its just the education system being careful to protect our children and does seem to be quite common practice across QLD.

    When a teacher is absent the kids have a stand in teacher,always there by 9am and always assisted by a regular support teacher. My children have never been left without a teacher. One thing i don't like is teacher sharing. One of children has a certain teacher Mon,Tues and Wed with another teacher doing Thurs and Fri. Could just be me but it doesnt seem to be working as well as having the same teacher every day, although i have had no complaints from my child.

    Kids messing around happens in any school, albiet some schools can be worse than others,, a quick tour of the local school your interested in should give you a good idea of what the kids are like. Assemblys or parade as they known here are good to attend if you can coincide with a visit as you will get to alot if not all the school together and this should give you a good idea of what the teachers and students are like. I also advise people to drive around at 3pm to see how the kids behave when leaving school to. Chat to other parents if you can as they are more likely to give you an un-biased opinion of the school.

    I have a few friends here who have moved their children into Private school ,mainly because our local private school is Catholic , and they still have complaints about different things like any parent.

    Another thing to remember is some of the schools are relatively new (less than 10yrs) and when they originally opened to fill spaces did take problem children from other schools, things change lots of over the years, areas become more populated and the 'clientel' can change,,, but sometimes old feedback is hard to drop and still does the rounds.

    Cal x
  6. Team B

    Team B New Member

    Hi Lisa, I have just noticed you live in Sheffield... Thats where I came from!!!!

    Glad Cal was able to put another slant on it and she gave good advice about driving past/ assembly visits and other Parents. I have done some digging at School and there are some good primarys around that area which Parents are happy to send kids to. One is called Coomera (Springs I think?)

    Our Daughter had started year 10 and so had started GCSEs when we came. she started yr 10 in uk in Sept and then started yr10 in Australia in the following January. They do not have GCSEs here so your Son will not miss anything. However they get an overall position (OP) at the end of yr 12 which is their access to university like A levels. This means they go to Uni in January when their peers in uk go to uni after them in September/October. (education is only up to yr 12 here not yr 13)

    She has not struggled with the work, but the Australians educate very holistically and she has had to do lots of presentations in different styles and uses powerpoint and movie making and technology much much more. She has been out of her comfort zone in that, but is doing well and I think it is brilliant as these are the skills our young people will need out there in the world.

    Prices - well they vary, if you go on the Queensland education website they list all schools in the state along with a handy map where they are and all school websites are available and all have lists of fees. In state schools I believe that you still pay for books etc unlike the uk but in private schools there are also teaching fees.

    good luck xx
  7. fuzzbox

    fuzzbox New Member

    Coomera schools

    Thanks very much Cal and 'team b'...

    Both your post were very very helpful... and i am now off to go and google some schools in that area...

    I will get back to you with some finding, but it will probably be Friday night (uk time) as we have medicals tomorow xx

    Thanks again xx

    Lisa xx

    P.S Team B - what is your name and where abouts in sheffield are you from ???
  8. Team B

    Team B New Member

    Hi Lisa,

    I have private messaged you that info.....

  9. sharon h

    sharon h Guest

    Out of those 3 schools Helensvale is the best, Pac Pines and Upper Coomera are not as good.
  10. sharon h

    sharon h Guest

    Pacific Pines primary is great, but i was not happy with the high school.

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