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Discussion in 'Welcome' started by Mary77, Oct 23, 2012.

  1. Mary77

    Mary77 Guest

    Hi jst starting visa process exciting! Looking for any info on location, want to be around Brisbane maybe 30/45 min commute, we r 34 years old so don't want to be in party central but dont want to be in with the oldies either a nice happy medium would be good. Also looking for info on health insurance anything would be helpful x

  2. Scuba_Dan

    Scuba_Dan Guest

    Hi Mary,

    My OH and I (both 30) had the same decision to make. We ended up moving to Upper Coomera which is an ideal location for commute either into Brisbane (an hour on the train or a good 45 min drive if the roads aren't too busy) or into Surfers for work. This opens up two locations for the job hunt. There are quite a few Brits living in the Coomera region so it seems to be a popular expat location. There is also a train station which takes you direct into the city every 30 minutes.

    We have been here since the beginning of July and still haven't sorted out health insurance (still looking around) but as you say you are over 31 there are extra taxes to pay if you don't get it within a certain time frame of arriving in oz. for prices, there a a couple of comparison websites / that can help you out. Some of the bigger companies are suncorp and BUPA.

    Hope this helps

  3. Mary77

    Mary77 Guest

    Aw thanks dan that's really helpful will look into that, really glad I found this forum :)
  4. Scuba_Dan

    Scuba_Dan Guest

    No worries, good luck with the visa process, I hope that it all goes well :)
  5. kelsb21

    kelsb21 New Member

    Hi Mary

    my husband and I will be moving to Brisbane in January with our kids. You must have read my mind with your post I was going to ask the same 2 questions. Anyhow we are currently looking at health insurance. I have emailed friends that are already in Oz for some advise. I will post anything helpful I found out here.

    We have been looking at sandgate as a place to move too. On train line to brisbane and a good commute time by car. But to be honest it's a little bit of guess work.
  6. Mary77

    Mary77 Guest

    That's gr8 thankyou so much. The other thing I wondered was if anyone new a rough figure of cost for a 20ft container. We don't know if we'd be better just taking things of sentimental value and just selling all our furniture and start again over there?:)
  7. kelsb21

    kelsb21 New Member

    We are being sponsored by my husbands company so it's all included in the relocation allowance. But we have opted to take a 20ft container as I am being ruthless anything I think is'nt worth the 10,000 miles is being sold given to charity etc. we went to an expo in Leeds recently and my husband seems to remember them saying that it was around £4000 for container only.The insurance seems be very exspensive running into thousands on top of container cost. I could be way of the mark with this but all in all I think it's around £6/8000.
  8. Cerberus1

    Cerberus1 Administrator Staff Member

    I'd suggest taking out your own container insurance as it will be considerably cheaper than the removal companies own insurance. Basically, that's where the removals company make their profit as the margins on the actually shipping are negligble. Have a look at for removals insurance.

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