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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Kaz&Ian, Apr 25, 2011.

  1. Kaz&Ian

    Kaz&Ian New Member

    Ok guys this is a serious issue, I have been here nearly 3 years now and cant find a hairdresser that can actually cut hair. Been to 4 different hairdressers now and my hair looks like its been cut with a knife and fork and the layers are all over the place. We live in Cleveland does anyone know a hairdresser that comes from the UK that has actually been taught correctly.
    It appears to me Hairdresser have a licence to print money with no actual qualifications (my opinion to date anyway)
    We are going to the UK in july and I have my old hairdresser booked so wont need one just yet but really need to sort this problem out

  2. gazaharg

    gazaharg Guest

    My wife feels the same way. She is a UK qualified Hairdresser, so before she picked a Hairdresser she visited 6 salons asking the hairdressers questions. She had concerns about what they were going to do to her hair. Also she also couldnt believe the costs involved. She has resorted to trimming her hair herself.
  3. Kaz&Ian

    Kaz&Ian New Member

    Maybe she needs to get a salon of her own as I am getting sick of paying out alot of money and getting a substandard mess.
    you should see my hair at the moment would win awards for the worst cut and colour in Brisbane
  4. gazaharg

    gazaharg Guest

    She has though about setting upon her own, but when the Kids came along she stopped the Hairdressing and decided to concentrate on the kids needs. Now they are teenagers she has more time and s considering just getting a small client base. Local to our area.
  5. guest1919

    guest1919 New Member

    I sooo know where you are coming from! I have been in Manly (Brissy) for 10 months and have tried 3/4 different hairdressers. One was so flipping speedy I still cannot believe how I managed to hang onto both my ears! Another left me with a noticeable chunk cut out of my fringe and a style that made me resemble Crystal Tipps (not sure if that's before your time!). And then, I met a hairdresser who had moved here from Melbourne. She's originally from the UK, British trained and until the recent move here, has run her own salon. She lives in manly and is about to re-start up her business by converting a room in her new house. I highly recommend her - and many of my friends now also go to her!! She's fab ..... and I am one happy bunny now!
  6. Kaz&Ian

    Kaz&Ian New Member

    Made me laugh reading that one with the crystal tipps I do remember her and the locks of curly hair. Please give me your hairdressers details as I have very straight hair that you would think couldnt get any simpler. As I said I hope to get some growth going before we return to the UK in July so my old hairdresser can try to sort it out but will need a good one to keep it going. To be honest the best cut I have had was at the hairdressing school in Brisbane but the took 6 hours and dont open weekends so its a full day off and I cant keep that going dont have enough holidays
    Look forward to the details

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