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Discussion in 'Jobs & Careers' started by Mrs C, Apr 2, 2008.

  1. Mrs C

    Mrs C New Member

    My young friend is really interested in coming to Brisbane and staying with us on a yearly work/holiday visa. With a view to moving over if she likes it. She has been told that she needs an extra year work experience to apply for a Skills Visa, so her plan is to do a year in an Australian Hairdressers Salon.

    I am under the impression that Australia are crying out for Good Hairdressers? Am I right in thinking that?

    I wouldn't want to get her hopes up unecessarily!

    Any info would be great, as I may even consider opening up a salon in the future!

    Thanks April
  2. kdal

    kdal Guest

    Hi April, Hey your going to need a mansion with all your buddies and rellies coming along LOL

    Yes Australia is in need of hairdressers but not sure if they are willing to train or not. I often see sponsorships for hairdressers but for some reason they have always been in WA and Canberra.

    I hope you do start up a salon as need somewhere to have me locks done

    Good luck to your friend Kimx
  3. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    your right !!lol,,i really cant see her having a problem finding work ive seen quite a few salons advertising for staff since ive been here,wish her lots of luck
    Cal x
  4. Mrs C

    Mrs C New Member


    I think by the time September gets here, there won't be anyone left in Gillingham! lol

    Tara has been a friend of ours for about three years, although she is only 20 she is a really fantastic hairdresser. She has family over in Oz, Sydney & Adelaide I think. Her mum and Step Dad would really like to live in Oz and can't believe their luck that she has decided to give it a go.

    Of course I'll be like the surrogate mother when I get there, what with Jason coming aswell! I'll need a ten bedroom house.
  5. Lou

    Lou Guest

    I'll be on the look out for a great hairdresser (as mine is refusing to fly out every 6 weeks to keep cutting mine!!! how rude!) So she can cut mine (although I dont think i'll be able to afford to pay her a months wages for 1 cut, lol)


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