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Discussion in 'Welcome' started by jopaulc, Mar 6, 2008.

  1. jopaulc

    jopaulc Guest


    I am Jo 33 married to Paul 45 have 2 small kiddies, Tyler 2 and Tegan 4 months. We are sooooooo excited about this decision i just want it know, just sent my application for VETASESS to agent so should be in business in the next week or so then its just the waiting game.
    Pauls Brother lives in Toowamba and we may look to move to Brisbane, I am a laboratory Scientist/Manager and i think there are more job vacancies in this neck of the woods. Any suggestions of suburbs to visit as we are coming on Holiday in May and have a week on the Gold Coast at Coolangatta. Any suggestions of what to research and of course holiday things to do would be gratefully received.
    Also if there is anyone out there with a couple of small children and fancy meeting us for coffee one of our days there so we can share your experience and pick your brains that would be great too.

    Anyway Keep everything crossed for us, oh and our house in on the market too, nothing like doing everything at once..

    Bye for know


  2. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    Hiya we arent far from The Gold Coast ,my kids are 4 and 9 youd be more than welcome to pop around here for a chat and let the kids play around.Areas around the coast vary in price so much ,have you looked at to narrow down on suburbs,the where2live guide is a grreat read too
    Cal x
  3. Kate

    Kate Guest

    Hi, I'm Kate 37, married with 2 girls aged 6 and 3. We are planning to move to Brisbane, hopefully this year. We are expecting our visas to come through any day now but I gather there is a bit of a backlog. We don't have jobs yet as waiting for the visa first ( husband in IT, I am a mental health nurse). We have our house on the market but only one viewer so far, but then has only been on the market for 3 weeks. We can't afford to move until we sell the house unfortunately.

    Good luck with your journey- maybe we could compare notes
  4. itsjo

    itsjo Guest

    Hi and welcome to BIB...Ooh love your names :)
    Jo x
  5. jopaulc

    jopaulc Guest

    Yes aren't they just the coolest name for a couple lol
  6. smithsinoz

    smithsinoz Guest

    hi there my name is dawn(40) my hubbie simons(47) and son charlie(2) moved to manly,brisbane on the 3rd jan this year - let us know when you are here in may and would love to meet up if you are in the area - we are 25 mins train ride to brisbane and live near the marina its fab here
  7. itsjo

    itsjo Guest

    Gotta agree with ya on that one...

    Its an exciting time for you..good luck guys..its an awesome ride at times and so worth the waiting

    Jo x

    Ooh and we were from Ashford in Kent so no so far from you either :)
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