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Discussion in 'Welcome' started by coventrycelt, Oct 14, 2011.

  1. coventrycelt

    coventrycelt New Member

    The Gap Football Club, based in The Gap 4061 is the club to join if you are from the UK or Ireland (or anywhere else), the soccer club has on eof the best playing surfaces in Brisbane, great facilities including clubhouse and bar.
    The committee are predominately from England with lots of players from England, Scotland and about 30 from Ireland, the club has numberous mens senior sides, and is always looking for good quality players for their first team, who play in Premier 2 of the Football Brisbane leagues.

    The club also has a link up with Brisbane Celtic Supporters Club, and hosted Celtic FC when they visited Brisbane in 2009 and used the clubs facilities as their training camp, as do a number of A League sides when the play in Brisbane.

    Its a very friendly club where everyone mixes in together.

    For details PM me
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  2. Hi I would be very interested, I am currently 36 and don't play as much now, do it more for enjoyment, however l have been coaching and work with very successful Edinburgh club- Hutchison vale. We have coached from grass roots professional players such as Scott Brown -Celtic and Scotland and Alan Mcgregor -rangers and Scotland. I want to get involved coaching again, currently coach u21 team and we are on way to winning league and few players being tapped up by clubs in Scotland and england
  3. coventrycelt

    coventrycelt New Member

    Hi Mitch,
    We currently have the first team coaching position open, are you living over here already, if so you may like to apply for it.


  4. John, I don't move over until 30th October, arrive 2nd November. I have a full time job arranged so I would be only looking to help out. Not sure what would be involved or your expectations.
  5. coventrycelt

    coventrycelt New Member

    Hi Mitch,
    I moved over 5 years ago, its a great city to live in, our team is Amateur, although we make payments to coaches to cover expenses etc. Obviously just the impact of moving over here and starting a new Job will be time consuming.
    We start training in December with the season starting mid february, I am sure we could accomodate you in some manner, without taking up too much of your time. Its a good way to meet new people and build up a social circle, and of course the banter is always good.
    We have about 600 kids involved in our junior section, and also have a thriving girls and womens section.
    My email no is, we go out of our way to help each other, so any advise of pointing in the right direction feel free to ask, having our football definately makes the move easier, maybe you could get the boots polished up again for another last hurrah, and play socialy. Myself and Johnny Selfridge (Motherwell) run our social side, which is the equivilant to a decent sunday team.
  6. My e-mail is I played with faith rovers many moons ago, then was seriously injured and had several ops on my knee, played junior. I would be happy to help out. Do you have a team website ?
  7. coventrycelt

    coventrycelt New Member
    Hi Mitch, I know the feeling mate regarding knee injuries, I done my cruciates 23 years ago at the age of 30 and had to retire as the operations wasnt available on hte NHS then, the winters back home we bad on the old injuries, much better here. Where are you planning on moving too?
  8. Don't know yet, company putting us up for 4 weeks in cbd. That's were I will be based, where ever we choose to live need good transport links as we won't have a car. We not planning to sell our house in Edinburgh until we sure we want to stay in oz
  9. coventrycelt

    coventrycelt New Member

    Yep thats a good idea, The Gap is about 20 minutes on the bus to the CBD, its a good suburb to live in and the bus and train transport system over here is very good, send me an email when you are here and I will give you a tour of our club.
    We watch Celtic matches in a pub in the CBD called O'Malleys' albeit it is very hard work at present, theres very little of the nonsense from back home regarding football, we even have a Rangers fan in our Supporters club and she runs the charity side of things.
  10. Well better make that two, I'm a ranger fan, well I used to be many years ago, but kinda don't follow or care as much as both clubs to me have lost their Scottish identity, shame, try get my players to go south into England, a decent league one side pay more than rangers or Celtic can. We seem to be a feeder side for hibs. I watch local team as a kid faith rovers or Scotland, bit partial to Liverpool. What is the gap ?
  11. coventrycelt

    coventrycelt New Member

    The Gap is a suburb in Brisbane, all Football teams are based in a separate suburb and its extremly rare a new club comes along, as most are funded by free land from Councils, and lots of grants, so most of the sides have set ups which would be similar to a semi pro side back home, ie good pitches, floodlighting, and clubhouses.
    The clubs are run as non profit businesses for the community, I am the Secretary of the club.
    Football wise, growing up in England, I was a Celtic fan for football reasons, and have a lot of good mates who support Rangers, we have a great Scottish band who play ou here, the lead singer is a Rangers fan anf the others are Hibs fans from Edinburgh and they play Irish rebel tunes, as well as lots of Scottish music. They ar e agreat laugh though and hte lead singer id like Billy Connolly. We have Willie Wallace living ove rhere, so he comes along to games now and again, and we are going to celebrate the 45th anniversary of Celtic winning the Cup in 67 with Willie as the guest of honour next june with a dinner dance.

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