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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Kacymru, Oct 15, 2012.

  1. Kacymru

    Kacymru New Member

    Thank goodness!!
    Visa stuff is so nerve wracking not to mention time consuming!

    It took me nearly 3 months to fill out my Onshore Partner Visa Application (Subclass 820).
    I'm currently on my 2nd One Year Working Holiday Visa (WHV) which finishes in January 2013. My partner and I have been together for 15 months so we thought we'd best submit the application. Apparently there's a 13 month processing period at present!! Well, that's what the automated email said - when you submit your visa app you get an automated email that let's you know they're received your application and also has a list of FAQs.

    A friend of mine waited 12.5 months for her visa!

    Anyway, I went trawling the internet for useful info on how to put it together and what to put in it etc, there were some useful posts on various sites but nothing overly detailed, or rather, nothing particularly current.
    I've written about my personal experiences on my blog: it also has links to all the forms that I downloaded from the official Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) website so I'm hoping people will find it pretty helpful. However please be aware that I am not an expert and don't have any qualifications - it's just about my personal experience with Australian Visa applications and details of how I put it together and submitted it :)

    If anyone has any questions then please feel free to ask me - I know how stressful this sort of thing is and sometimes it's just good to chat to someone who's been through it. :wink:

  2. cher&livi

    cher&livi Guest

    I had to complete a form 1005 to have working rights and were granted this due to having kids and obviously i need to earn money to feed them etc but its not easy finding work
  3. Kacymru

    Kacymru New Member

    Agreed! Cher & Livi - it can be a nightmare finding work.
    I notice you're in Adelaide...have you tried Poms In Adelaide website - exactly like this one: lots of friendly, helpful people on there! X
  4. cher&livi

    cher&livi Guest

    Hi yes i'm on the forum, i got a job today funnily enough and i have an interview on Monday for a job based in Perth an ideal job for me and what i specialize in, but my eldest wants to move to Queensland which is quite obvious for a 16 year old more for them to do, that's why i joined this forum to see others views on Queensland

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