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Discussion in 'Brisbane & South East QLD' started by caren, May 7, 2014.

  1. caren

    caren Guest

    I got great help on here before so am back foe hopefully more. Moving to Ferny Hills/the gap/ or possibly Samford Valley area late aug early September and am hoping to plan ahead a short lost off school to look at. At this time state school would do fine, I need a secondary school for my 16yr old who will be for yr 12 after Xmas, and a primary school for a 6 and 5yr old and a recommended kinder program for a soon to be 3yr old! If I could maybe shortlist a few good ones it may dictate or narrow down my area to choose an initial rental in out off the above areas. Obviously the eldest can take a bus a regular distance to a school slightly out off any of those areas if required. Any guidance in advance appreciated..

  2. fish.01

    fish.01 Member

    State schools sometimes come down to the catchment you can afford. As you move to the more expensive suburbs closer to the city the results improve but often this is helped by having an intake of children from families in a higher socio-economic situation.

    The Gap is a middle ring suburb in expense and has a long term highly regarded state high school with the three matching state primary schools surrounding it presumably being good as well. Nearby Ferny Grove is a more affordable suburb but the high did get a positive mention recently:

    As you go closer to the city to the more expensive Ashgrove and Bardon area they have very highly regarded state primary schools (e.g. Rainworth, Bardon, Ashgrove, Ithaca Creek, Oakleigh etc) and a large state high school named Kelvin Grove College with many schools of excellence, industry and university collaborations and facilities.
  3. I would actually be looking just around the other side of mount cootha - kenmore, chapel hill sort of area. There you have the choice of two state high schools - kenmore (5th best) and indooroopilly (2nd best)
    and some great primaries as well Chapel Hill State and Indooroopilly State You could get to kenmore however through gap creek road which was resurfaced from an unsealed road to a sealed road a couple of years ago if you wanted to be in the gap. The gap high school is rated very highly also.

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