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Discussion in 'Travel & What's on' started by fitzyinoz, Jul 12, 2008.

  1. fitzyinoz

    fitzyinoz Guest

    Hi there, we live in Tingalpa but will travel across Bris for a really decent Chinese restaurant or a really decent Chinese takeaway. Our local places are pretty dire. Can anyone recommend any to us please? We know certain areas of Bris are known for them (Sunnybank for instance) but if you could recommend actual places and even what you love on the menu that would be magic. Cheers :)

  2. Shane

    Shane Guest


    Hope you are well and loving Auz....

    We are moving out on the 31st of October and Tingalpa is one area that we were looking at, mainly for my sons football as he is more than likely going to be playing on Tingalpa park.
    What is Tingalpa like? I am going to be working in Central Brisbane, how easy is it to commute by public transport?
    The schools all seem ok and the Kids are really excited about it so we can't wait....

    Apologies for not knowing about the best Chinese Takeaways but if you find out please let us know as we absolutely love chinese food!

    I really appreciate your time and look forward to your reply,

    Take care

    Shane, Liz, Dan 9, Ellie 3 and Heidi 16 Weeks
  3. fitzyinoz

    fitzyinoz Guest

    Hi there Shane, Liz and family :)
    Congrats on your future move out to Brisvegas!
    I can comment on the commute time into the city but not so much on Tingalpa as a place to live but maybe someone else will come forward with more info on that for you. We moved to Tingalpa from Cannon Hill (bit nearer to the city but on the same route/train line) just before Xmas pdq as they decided to knock down our old rental house so we didnt exactly pick this area but we dont mind it at all. It's a bit further from the city but bonus is that it's nearer the bayside (Manly etc) if we want to have a walk along the water etc. I used to work in the city (just had my first baby) and I found the bus service from here to/from the city pretty good - maybe 30-40 mins depending on what time you leave home/work and if you hit peak travel time. Tingalpa doesnt have a rail station but you could drive to nearby Murrarie and park the car and hop on the train and I think you'll find a similar journey time. Overall I like Tingalpa but to be honest i dont feel like i have got under the skin of the neighborhood to know it that thoroughly yet - I use the local shops etc - use the local dog park - go the local pub and that's about it. If you have any more specific questions please just ask as it's a bit easier to answere them. Good luck with the move - it 'll be a great experience :)
  4. Shane

    Shane Guest


    Thanks for replying it is appreciated.

    We are really looking forward to moving out to Brisbane... It seems to have everything we want in the weather, much bigger home than the 2 bed we pay £1000 a month mortgage on in the UK, outdoor lifestyle for the kids etc.

    Only thing worrying us is the Spiders but will get the house sprayed to try and keep as many out as

    We fly on the 31st of October and our youngest will be 6 months so the flight should be interesting!!

    How long have you been out in Brisbane?

    Take care and speak soon

    Shane, Liz, Dan9, Ellie3, Heidi 15 weeks
  5. fitzyinoz

    fitzyinoz Guest

    Hi there, I've lived here for about 4 years full time now. My other half is Australian. He loves the UK except for the weather so here we settled - until we win the lottery when we will live in both places and get the best of all worlds!!

    BTW I saw you posted a query about Manly/Wynnum as places to live in one of the other threads. They are great places and would still be handy for your son's footy so I have to say for an all round lifestyle choice I would go for Manly over Tingalpa. We used to live in Wynnum and still find ourselves drifting down there for a walk on the prom or a big breaky of a weekend etc. If you drive to Manly station there is an express train to the city (vv popular) so you can get to the city as quickly as burbs that are located nearer the city.

    As for the spiders - fear not - there are some big buggers around for sure but they mostly want to keep out of our way :-0
  6. itsjo

    itsjo Guest

    Have a fab chinese takeaway just five minutes from our house..We have tried lots but this one is just perfect..Even does Curries too:)
    On the spider thingy..I hate spiders and dreaded th day I saw a big one...Well we had two huntsmen in our first rental..OMG they were huge!!!! I freaked...Havent thankfully seen one since but summer is coming so out they will crawl EEEEEK!!!!
    We had our house sprayed as soon as we moved in and touch wood haven had any yet..Will keep you posted lol
    Jo x
  7. fitzyinoz

    fitzyinoz Guest

    Hi Jo n Paul, ooo ooo! can you tell me of your name your chinee please and what burb????? ta
  8. itsjo

    itsjo Guest

    We are in Beerwah so may be a little far for ya...I am down at the airport lots so will deliver ya some FOR A PRICE :)
    Have to say tho went to lunch at Sunshine Plaza today and had chinese there too and it was yumm...Thats in Maroochydore so even further up the coast lol
    Jo x

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