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Discussion in 'Brisbane & South East QLD' started by khm1981, Apr 21, 2012.

  1. khm1981

    khm1981 Guest


    We have just had our visa approved and are planning the move. We love The Sunshine Coast (esp Mooloolaba) and was wondering if anyone knows what The Glass House Mountains are like? Would it be a good place to bring up kids? At the moment we have a 4 month old, what is it like for mums and tots, schools, activities etc?? Any advice will be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks, Kath :cute:

  2. Danny&Em

    Danny&Em Guest

    We too activated our visa in Mooloolaba... Loved it... Interested to hear about the glass house mountains. Good post.
    did you try any other areas?
  3. C4.claire

    C4.claire Guest

    Hi Kath, I know this post is ancient but wondered if u made it to the glass house mountains? We moved to QLD 18mths ago from the UK, and r looking to re-locate to Glasshouse, we have 2 young girls. Just wanted to meet someone and find out if it is a gd place to bring up the children.

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