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Discussion in 'Travel & What's on' started by Luke, Jun 28, 2010.

  1. Luke

    Luke New Member


    Posted this at PiO as well so really looking for a quick answer here!! There's much to think about...

    Basically we need to find out a way of getting from Kangaroo Point to Windsor and back on a daily basis. We want to live on the CBD side of the river for convenience purposes but my mum's job is in Windsor.

    What's the easiest way? Can you take a ferry across the river then get buses? Ideally the "easy" way also has to be relatively quick and cheap (though we know only too well Brisbane transport is not exactly the most financially draining!) lol

    Any help will be greatly appreciated! :laugh:


  2. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    According to Where Is , straight up Bradfield Highway and over The Storey Bridge would be one of the quickest ways , its coming in at an 8mins drive, so a push bike is sounding the cheapest option. I know you can discount passes for the ferrys if you use it on a regular basis but im not sure on cost for that.

    Cal x
  3. ck10_9

    ck10_9 The Photo Guy!

    The Clem 7 would be the easiest way.
    If you need to take public transport maybe the route 77 bus could work that goes through the tunnel on it's route. not got on it myself

    Use this website to check it out

    TransLink | Journey Planner
  4. Luke

    Luke New Member

    Cheers for the replies...

    Will get investigating further... :wub:

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