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Discussion in 'Visas / Migration' started by stamples4, Dec 2, 2012.

  1. stamples4

    stamples4 Guest


    I'm very interested in getting general opinions of areas to live in Queensland as we're thinking of heading that way and hubby may be posted anywhere but we have the opportunity of specifying some preferences. I am in HR and would quite like to maintain my career, but am a broad generalist with skills and experience ranging from operational to strategic in stand-alone or larger teams, so am flexible and reasonable marketable and I would consider starting a consultancy business if need be (but that might mean I would ideally need access to an airport from time to time - an hour or two away fine).

    The only place we cannot specify as a preference is Sunshine Coast, which would always have our first preference (still enough business/entrepreneur activity and near enough to City and airport if needed but quietish enough to be out of the din unless commuting).

    Brisbane is an obvious choice for one of the three preferences available (I have heard North is better than South) - any comments? (and what is the traffic in Brisbane really like..?)

    But we're not really city people (crowds and noise don't interest us and we don't need lots of activities on tap) so seeking advice on alternatives for preferences 2 and 3.

    I'm used to commuting from more rural into city - In the UK we lived in a small rural village and I commuted 50 mins - 1 hour each way into places like Uxbridge and Slough near London, so faced the traffic daily and would still be prepared to, and on occasion on weekends liked to be able to get in the car and 20-45 mins later be somewhere else. We quite like small, but not too small and self-contained without opportunity to 'escape' from time to time.

    Other points - we don't mind the heat, like motorcycling and scuba diving, and could possibly settle into a small community, but I'd still prefer to keep my skills up. No need to consider schools.

    Here are the preference choices (each option before or after a comma):

    Brisbane: Metropolitan North Region, Metropolitan South Region
    Southern Region: Ipswich District, Toowoomba District
    North Coast Region: Bundaberg District, Gympie District, Redcliffe District, Caboolture District
    South Eastern Region: Logan District, Gold Coast District
    Central Region: Gladstone District, Mackay District, Rockhampton District
    Northern Region: Mount Isa District, Townsville District
    Far Northern Region: Cairns District, Innisfail District, Mareeba District

    All ideas/comments welcome :)

    Thanks in advance!

  2. morag

    morag Guest

    Hi - Bayside area (Cleveland, Victoria Point, Redland Bay) is lovely. 1 hr on train or 30-40 min drive to Brisbane. Very handy for Gold Coast too. Smallish towns but with plenty going on. Brisbane is easily commutable for work, social activities. Quite often a breeze but doesnt make it cold. Weather good
  3. Vix

    Vix Guest

    Hi. Generally speaking the north of Brisbane is more expensive and seems to be more 'connected ' to the city (my opinion). Places like Ipswich have definitely got their social problems so I hear but there's probably some nice areas once you travel out of the city. Toowoomba is pretty small and feels like you're in the middle of nowhere so good if you like rural feeling. Caboolture and Redcliffe are nice if you like quiet places, the beach and you're not bothered about upmarkst shops.
    bayside area as suggested before is nice and quaint too.
    Hope this helps. So many options!!
  4. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    We live semi rural and can be in Brisbane city or at the beaches of the Gold Coast in under an hour, schools (private and public) and shops are on the doorstep yet lots of greenery and open space, not to mention decent sized houses on big blocks for very reasonable rent and purchase money. There are a million and one nice areas in and around Brisbane and they vary so much its near on impossible to pinpoint suburbs without seeing them first. You will know when you drive through an area if its 'for you',, you just seem to get a feel for place which is why the best way to find somewhere is drive, drive and drive some more,lol..
    Good luck its a tough decision,

    Cal x

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