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Discussion in 'Welcome' started by ragner, Oct 14, 2006.

  1. ragner

    ragner Guest

    We arrived here in Brisbane in July and really love it.We live in Scarborough just north of Brisbane,which is on North Moreton Bay,so lots of sunshine and cool breezes off the sea(but we have been warned about the summer here).Kids settled into school and sports clubs.I have started work so now out of holiday mode and into a routine.But it certainly gives you that bit of a boost waking up and going to work in the sun.
    I have read a few of the posts here and to the people going through their visa applications good luck and the time will fly by.Brisbane and its people are really welcoming and friendly and its the best choice we made coming here.BRISBANE'S THE PLACE TO BE!!!!!!

  2. greatgal

    greatgal Guest

    good on you!

    glad to hear you are ther and settling in ,is brisbane what you expected or better,any info on schools etc not sure where we are heading yet still in early stages but at least we have taken the plunge.have a good xmas on the beach!!!! :D
  3. Australstar

    Australstar Guest

    local knowledge


    It would be great if we could gather so further info about life in brisbane & surrounds, from good people like yourselves.
    Things such as public transport, the job market, housing, the local people & so on.

    I am sure this info would be greatly appreciated by all.

    Have a super 2007 to all you luck souls that are on the beach out there, whilst i am sitting in my room with the heating on!

    Best wishes

    Trev & Jamie
  4. mikenkaren

    mikenkaren Guest

    Hi There

    First time typing on this site.

    we came over in June and lived in the city for 5 months at Aurora tower, over looking the Storey Bridge. City was busy and a little impersonnal.
    Brisbane has given us some oppertunities already, we picked up tickets for an international rugby match, Robbie and Kylie. It would have not been possible in the UK from the frozen north.
    Work was easy to find temporary and there was plenty of jobs. Finding the right company is the hard part.
    Also wages are poor from our perspective with one company offering 10k less than the agencies said to start at. Maybe they were trying it on.
    After comming down the coast we are now living at Coomera as a base before taking it any further by making the plunge in the property market.

    I have relatives at Bracken Ridge which is northern suburbs and we looked at sinnamon park, the gap, morningside and the ones we couldnt afford as well.
    How much for a shed ( Queenslander )

    Looks like Ive said enough and technically I now live on the Gold Coast but it wont be long before the two meet


    Mike and karen

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