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Discussion in 'Welcome' started by Bernie, Jul 16, 2007.

  1. Bernie

    Bernie Guest

    :D Hi new to the site just saying hello we are sending TRA app soon. Applying for visa 136 Skilled. Heading for Brisbane or surrounding. Not sure where yet but would like to base it on a good school for our kids aged 9 and 5, so would be grateful to hear from anyone on that front!

    Say hi.


  2. Swooty

    Swooty Guest

    Hi All

    We are the the Wooton family moving to Brisbane in January, after a fantastic job offer for me. We are Simon (33), Lottie (28), Megan (4) and Finlay (2). We are all very nervous about the whole think and still have doubts, but we thought we must give it a go ! ! ! :shock:

    Not sure if we are going north or south of BCD, but will let you all know in due course, as we will probably need all your kind support when we arrive.

    Simon :lol:
  3. Bernie

    Bernie Guest

    :D Hi to you all too!

    Looks like you will be moving at the best time of year!! Jan/Feb must be easier, surely! Do you mind me asking what your new jobs is and where in UK are you moving from? We have set a long timescale about a year to move, but I think that if we are granted the visa, we will want to go as soon as possible! Ohterwise you are in limbo!

    It's quite hard researching the areas unless you go first. Have you been to oz before? I guess it depends on if you prefer being nearer to the Gold coast or Sunshine coast. Alot of english people seem to be keen on Cleveland because it's the end of the rail network, or further down in Redlands near the coast.

    Anyway keep everyone posted as to what you find out as we will too!

    Bernie & Family
  4. Swooty

    Swooty Guest

    Hi Bernie

    I am an engineer and will be taking a nwe job working is Sales, the territory I will cover will be Queensland, Fiji and New Zealand so cant moan to much :lol:

    The company I am joining are going to open a new office near Brisbane, hopefully towards the Sunshine Coast, but thias is to be confirmed.

    I hope to do my rekkie in Sept/Oct, as I will be working for them in the UK first.

    I will keep you posted on whats happening.

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