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Discussion in 'Jobs & Careers' started by Craigyboy, May 5, 2010.

  1. Craigyboy

    Craigyboy Guest

    Hey Folks,

    I'm new to this forum but have been on PIO for a while! Hope all is good with you lucky expats out there in Aus!

    Im Craig (24 Joiner) Me and my wife Steph (22 Dental Nurse) are coming to Brissy the last week in june on a years WHV with the outlook of getting a spondor or a 175.

    What tips do you guys have for us?! Did you arrange a rental before arriving or book a hotel for a week so then you can view? Also what area would be best? I like football and loads of it! So hopefully i will be able to join a 5 a side team or something when we arrive... Walks on the beach seem like a great idea same with surfing! I cant wait!!!!

    Im putting all the housing goods into storage until we make it a permenant move!

    Ive been applying on Seek for jobs as a joiner but i dont think ill have much chance of getting a job till i am there???! Anyone out there help me with a contact in the building industry??

    Thanks in advance !!

  2. srp

    srp No longer active member

    Hi Craig,

    Welcome to BIB, (we are quieter than PIO) :biggrin:

    The common way around accommodation is to try and book a Holiday let for the first few weeks while you look around for a more permanent rental. The best areas are different for everyone and what suits one may not suit another so its best to look and see what you want. When you say you are coming to Brisbane are you looking for somewhere in Brisbane itself or just anywhere in the south east of QLD. It is a very large area and where you decide to settle could depend on where you will be looking for work.

    As for work, if you send in your CV remember that Australians like a cover letter, a good cover letter will get their interest and then they will look at your CV. When you get here I would suggest you get the phone book and look up all the companies that may need your services. Phone and visit them you will probably get a better result by direct contact it’s easy to ignore an email but someone on the phone or at your door is more convincing.

    I am sure others will be able to give advice about your line of work and where may be the best places to look. Remember QLD is a very big state and although Brisbane is talked about a lot, there are some very nice places further north, so spread the area you are looking at for work. If you can get sponsored further north it could be a way of getting here and in a couple of years you could move south once you are established here.

    Good luck with your adventure and I hope you find a sponsor, don’t forget to keep us informed of how things are going:wink:
  3. Craigyboy

    Craigyboy Guest

    Hey Colin!

    Thanks for the quick reply! When you say holiday let is this a hotel? Brisbane tempts us with it being the capital of Qld, However we are willing to go wherever the work is as long as the areas are nice!

    Do you notice alot of building work around certain areas? Ive done the cover letter and resume etc and I will defo be taking your advice on door knocking! Were both extremely keen I hear these horror stories of people not getting work and having to come home. I am determined not to let this happen, I will do any type of work just to see us through, although the only job I will be able to get sponsored under will be Joinery.

    Thanks Craig
  4. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    Hiya Craig
    Welcome to BIB , Colins post is hard to top so i will just wish you lots of luck with everything

    Cal x
  5. srp

    srp No longer active member


    Look for caravan and holiday parks in the area, you are coming out here in winter and may be able to negotiate a good deal. Where I live there is not much building going on, but I believe there is more in the south east corner and further north. Brisbane is nice but to "busy" for me, I like the quieter life. A lot of people who work in Brisbane will commute to work from outside and the trains are popular for this as the parking costs in Brisbane can be high.

    Is it worth looking into Steph getting sponsored as a dental nurse, I do not know if it’s possible but may be worth looking into.

    If you need to earn some money whilst looking for work, keep an eye out for part time "call centre" work it’s not well paid but may give you a bit of cash whilst you are looking for a real job.

    I think you have the attitude to make a go of living in Australia, good luck to you. :biggrin:
  6. Craigyboy

    Craigyboy Guest


    Thanks for the positive reply! I dont think a dental nurse is a recognized qualification in Oz, At a recent immigration show in Glasgow, I was told were best to go under as Carpenter/Joiner, Im on Seek and some other websites everyday.

    I know the odds of me getting a job are pretty high with me still being in the UK.... But its worth every chance.

    I love the BIB forum and also had a good look around your own website which was pretty helpful with cost of living etc.

    Thanks again folks!

    P.s anyone out there knows any1 in the trade looking for a great joiner/carpenter you know where I am.... haha

    Cheers Craig
  7. Joe & Leanne

    Joe & Leanne New Member

    Hi Craigyboy

    I am also a Joiner and had my own construction co in Glasgow ma better half is a dental nurse and we have arived back in Brisbane 2 weeks ago i have a full visa.

    I have strugled to get a job or even an interview without a license so my advice is apply for a license from Scotland.
    leanne has had interviews and looks as if she will get a job first.
    I am going to start advertising in the local paper and apply for my license keep in touch i might be in a better place when you arrive.

    P.S. dental nurses ar on the same money as Joiners Here.

    Aw the best Joe

    Cheers Craig[/QUOTE]
  8. Joe & Leanne

    Joe & Leanne New Member

    P.S. we are paying 380 a week for a two bed fully furnished gaff in Kedron reply if you want the link.


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