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Discussion in 'Jobs & Careers' started by j4ygu, Aug 25, 2008.

  1. j4ygu

    j4ygu Guest

    Hi, we are new to this site but my husband is still a Brit in Brisbane. I have exhausted all the avenues available to me to help him find a job in the above trade, is there anyone out there who is in the same trade or in brisbane who can give him some help / tips on how to find a job in this field? The employers he has had seem to want free work & we just cant afford that. Many, many, many thanks in anticipation.
  2. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    Sorry to hear your struggling ,i bet the lack of natural gas here dosnt help either!
    When you say work for free,am i right in thinking you mean they are offering peanuts as wages,if this is the case i realy wouldnt let it put you off.The amount of guys who have stayed with us and when job hunting say ''im not working for that'' or ''the wages are poo'',i always tell them the same ,your start wage will be rubbish,its the aussies way of testing you out ,we have found most guys who can do what they say ,get rises and other things within their first few weeks,one guy in paticular recieved 4 rises in as many weeks,you proove yourself to them and they will give you rises to keep you!
    Lots of luck with everything,sorry i dont know of any vacancies in that trade but fingers crossed you find something
    Cal x
  3. dave bellis

    dave bellis Guest

    dave bellis

    g/day -- info on gas fitting jobs, ive been here 20yrs and have a plumbing business, mt gravatt plumbing. there is 2 fields of employment,
    1-- a gas fitter with only a gas lic, employment -- local gas company eg, origin.
    ph or email them.
    2--- most plumbers when they do their apprnticeship also do their gas lic,
    eg . plumber drainer,gas fitter,
    i know quite alot of plumbers in brisbane , and like me would not employ a gas fitter.

    so the steps i would take -- gas company first,
    also all plumbers from the uk have to have their qualifications , and have to work for 1 yr before they get a lic.
    i hope this has been helpfull . regards and good luck --- david.

    ps , ive heard people have to start on low wages, i dont know anybody who does this.
    plumbing rate - $27 pr hr - all holidays etc.
    contracting -- $35 --- $55 pr hr
  4. j4ygu

    j4ygu Guest

    Many thanks for all your help.

    When I say work for free I dont mean low wages - I mean exactly that. I believe the words used to my husband were "for the love of the company" when he was asked to work on Saturdays and overtime during the week totalling to at least 10 - 15 hours extra a week.

    My husband is a licenced plumber / gas fitter & has not gone for the plumbing jobs as his passion is to stay within the gas industry, but thanks for the tip on the local gas companies.


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