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Discussion in 'Renting & Real Estate' started by fuzzbox, Apr 9, 2011.

  1. fuzzbox

    fuzzbox New Member


    Today we had the fantsatic news that we have been waiting 4 years to hear ......

    We have been granted our 175 Visa !!!!!!

    and as a result we are now in a position to hunt for a furnished rental property with a minimun of 2 bedroom that will sleep 4 of us. We would like to rent in -

    Upper Coomera
    Pacific Pines
    Coomera Waters

    However we are open to suggestions for any other places ....

    We have seen a few furnished available, but they are very very expensive...

    We have a budget of around $500 per week, and hope we can find something suitable..

    All help will be greatfully received xxx

    Lisa xxx

  2. Xenon

    Xenon New Member

    I can't help you on the accomodation, I'm afraid. Glad you got the visa though; that's quite a wait you had:
    >>Lodged application 17th April 09
    >>Case officer assigned 23rd FEB 2011
    Nearly 2 years with no indication of progress. It's outrageous when you think about it.

    Still, you seem to be in gear now. Best of luck and let us know how you get on.

    I'm still in the "waiting for news after submitting" boat.
  3. fuzzbox

    fuzzbox New Member

    The long wait.....

    Yeah.... we have had a real roller coaster of an application process...... the last hurdle was an e-mail and phone call in January telling us that we will have to wait another 2.5 years before we even get sniffed at for a visa....... and then 4 weeks later we get another e-mail asking us to submit all our documentation within 28 days ..... talk about turn around........ But hey, we have it and that's all I am bothered about ... LOL

    Thanks for your comment xxx

    Take care

    Lisa xxx
  4. srp

    srp No longer active member


    Congratulations on your visa,

    I think you may be struggling to find furnished accommodation at that price, Unfurnished would not be such a problem. Is there a reason you particularly want furnished, if it just until you settle in a lot use holiday accommodation until they can find suitable rentals.

    If you are thinking of renting furnished because you are not permanent you can buy Furniture packs from shops, and for $2000 you can fit out three rooms with suitable furniture.
  5. fuzzbox

    fuzzbox New Member

    Hi Colin

    yeah, we are just looking for somewhere furnished to stay until our container arives, this will save us spending more than we need to, replacing furniture which will arrive in a few weeks x....

    You suggest holiday accomodation? Are there holiday accomoation units/houses to rent for up to 3 months?

    If so, would you be able to suggest any.... would anyone be able to suggest any suitable accomodation xx

    Thanks everyone ..... as soon as I ahve this sorted I can plan the flights/container around the dates when we have accomodation

    Lisa xxx
  6. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    Sarah at Gold Coast Relocations has furnished houses in the areas you are looking at but as Colin says your budget is a tad low for furnished, you would be needing to add another few hundred minimum to your figure.

    Even Ashmore Palms the Cabin park used by quite a few migrant familys charges around $800 pr week for a longer stay (4weeks plus) cabin.

    On saying this, dont forget your utility costs would be included in the rent of a furnished house and your not tied into a lease for months!

    Hope this helps a little
    Cal x
  7. Rudi

    Rudi Relocation Brisbane


    As Colin says, your budget is quite low and you might struggle to get something decent for that. Even camping, with a powered site and your own tent will cost you around $350 a week!!!

    Have a look at Stayz or Takeabreak for more accommodation - you may find something, but I think you will have to increase your budget.


  8. Briz Nurse

    Briz Nurse New Member

    Congrats on the VISA grant. Hope all goes well for you out here.

    Good Luck x
  9. fuzzbox

    fuzzbox New Member


    Change of plan ... we have now discussed the posibility of renting an unfurnished house and managing with minimal furniture until ours arrives... is this a good idea???

    And what do we do with regard to appliences - Fridge, washing machine ect ????

    please HELP !!!!!

  10. srp

    srp No longer active member

    Hi, There are various places that rent out appliances and furniture. Or you could go to garage sales ( popular here) and see what you could buy from there, once your furniture arrives you could hold your own garage sale and sell the stuff again.
  11. Rudi

    Rudi Relocation Brisbane


    If you are looking to find somewhere unfurnished from the UK you are probably looking to sign up for a 6-12 month period. I know a few people who have done this. For a couple of them it worked out ok, but for the remainder it was awful.

    If you think estate agents in the UK are bad, you should meet some Aussie ones!!!!! Knowing you are overseas and unable to view the property mean that they will be able to take advantage of that and rent you a complete lemon. You will be tied in with a 6 months lease that you have very little chance of getting out of.

    If you plan to sort out the rental when you arrive then that is not a problem, but I would say it will take you at least 2 weeks to do this - and even then you might be pushing it and end up having to accept something you are not happy with. It took us 5 weeks to find a decent rental when we moved up from Sydney a few years ago.

    Most people find a short term rental for 4-6 weeks and then find themselves a longer term let and camp in there until their stuff arrives.

    Hope that helps - it's not easy is it!!!



  12. fuzzbox

    fuzzbox New Member

    Cheers guys xxx

    Now re-thinking suburbs ...... any recommendations will be greatly recieved xxx

    Lisa xx
  13. Martyn Elmore

    Martyn Elmore New Member


    Congrats on your visa!!! Such an exciting time!!

    Just like you are planning, we moved into furnished accom in Nov '09, whilst waiting for the furniture to turn up. Within two days of arriving, we had found a two bed apartment in a 2year old purpose built block, fully furnished, in the 'Gabba. We wanted a place as central to the city as possible because Hayley had work at The Mater, and also so that we could look in all directions for a place to buy. The apartment cost $500 pw and I think that it is still available, although we left there exactly a year ago next week. I've just been onto the real estate section of "our" and there are other apartments also available at similar prices. I realise that you are looking at areas south east of the City, but the 'gabba is right on the motorway, about a 30/40 min drive to Coomera.

    I understand that with so much information coming in, it is all so confusing, but this was our experience so I thought that I'd throw it into the ring, so to speak. So I hope it helps!!

    Good luck with the move.
  14. Martyn Elmore

    Martyn Elmore New Member

    G'day again,

    Another way of looking at it is that as it will take around 2-3 months to ship your stuff over, perhaps a holiday let type of accom would suit. This should give you enough time to find a rental that really fits the bill. Different people have different needs. Can you survive for three months in a holiday let? Only you will know the answer to that!

    One tip; as soon as you can, get a driving licence. It solves so many problems as it is more readily accepted for ID than anything else.

  15. HI we live in the SUNSHINE COAST near Mooloolaba its beautiful, how ever my husband has just started a new job in The Gold Coast and so we are relocating there.My house is a beautiful 4/5 Bedroom home with pool and spa at $480.00 a week it will be unfurnished , im sending you a link to it , were looking to move out arround 6th June 2011 but if i find a house sooner and someone to takeover the lease im sure this can be done .

    Here is the link where my home is advertised

    Our Home is now officially on the REALESTATE WEBSITE AT


    This is the Link to our home which we are breaking lease on 47 Sailfish drive Mountain Creek

    , been real happy here but we need to be all together down on the Gold Coast .This home is in SUNSHINE COAST extreamily close to both the Primary and Secondary schools which our children attend .
  16. short term rentals

    CHECK OUT and quote RIKKI
  17. fluxsta

    fluxsta New Member

    Hi there,

    We aim to be out August and are staying in Brisbane Holiday Village for 4 weeks, it is cheap and is like a Center Parcs type set up. There will be 2 adults and 3 kids (bit of a squeeze!). We then aim to get a rental set up and until our container arrives there are places that will rent furniture short term. Just do a google search using these terms. The holiday village is self contained and very cheap.........
  18. fuzzbox

    fuzzbox New Member

    Helooo and thanks to everyone for their input....

    Just thought I would update you and let you know that we have found a short term rental (3months) in hope island which is fully furnished....

    It looks super and is a house not an apartment, communal pool, and own garden area.....

    Agents have been great and we fly on 17th June this year ... whhoooooooooooooooo xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Love lisa xx
  19. morningtons

    morningtons New Member

    TODAY! Good luck

    We are going through all the crazy arrival stuff just like you. Please, Please let me know if it is as crazy when you arrive. So exciting for you all to finally have the day arrive

    Massive GOOD LUCK


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