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Discussion in 'Welcome' started by phil&trace, Mar 8, 2009.

  1. phil&trace

    phil&trace Guest

    Hi all my name is tracy my husband and I have perminant residancey visas in place, sold our house, but still here in the uk. We promised our daughter that she could finish her GCSE's here , but thats not while june next year :frown:Does anyone have experiance in going out with a sixteen year old who has left school and needs to then go onto college ????
    luck all of you who are already out there :smile:
    Wish we were there xxx

    Thank everyone

    love to get a penpal or some friends to chat to also

  2. Hiya Phil & Trace,
    We're alos in the process of moving out to Oz with our daughter and her boyfriend. Both of which have completed their GCSE's and are now in college. We're eager to know whether their GCSE's are worth anything in Oz and what road they have to go down to get into further education out there. If you hear anything before me will you let me know. Where are you heading for in Oz, we're hoping to get over there by November this year. Take care x

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