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Discussion in 'Socialising & Get Togethers' started by Pinkpiggy, Mar 19, 2012.

  1. Pinkpiggy

    Pinkpiggy Guest

    [FONT=Tahoma, Calibri, Verdana, Geneva, sans-serif]Hi

    We are a family of four (3 yr old and 16 month old kids) moving up from Sydney at the end of next month. We are originally from Bury, Lancashire and the Midlands. We moved to Sydney a year ago and now we are doing it all again!
    Although we haven't yet found anywhere to live we are looking at areas around north Brisbane and north lakes areas. If there is anyone who would like to meet for coffee/play dates in the day (I'm a stay at home mum at the moment) or up for a drink/Bbqs/socialising in the evenings/weekends would love to meet up.[/FONT]​


  2. madcatjane

    madcatjane New Member

    Hi there, I replied on the other thread but thought I would drop you a quick line on here as the other thread is quite old. Would love to meet up. Jane x
  3. Pinkpiggy

    Pinkpiggy Guest

    Hi Jane,
    Just replied to your other post!
    Liz x
  4. Queenie

    Queenie New Member


    We have just done exactly the same thing! We have a 6 and 4 year old and have been in Brissie for 2 months after a year in Sydney. We are originally from Liverpool but lived in Chester for 12 years. I am at home with my 4 year old at the moment but am looking for work. We are renting a place in Capalaba in the East so if you have any questions, shout up!

    Do you have a removal company booked? If you need a recommendation we used 'Cheapest Price Removals' and they were fantastic. Whatever stress you are going through now, I promise you it's worth the move, we are really happy here and the kids settled immediately.
  5. morningtons

    morningtons New Member

    Hi there, we are also from the UK and live in Mango Hill, the suburb opposite North Lakes. We have been in Brisbane 7 months and we love it. We have 2 little girls age 3 and 1 who would love to meet for playdays. I am also a stay at home mum and would love to meet new friends for coffee and BBQ's.
  6. morningtons

    morningtons New Member

  7. Clarabell

    Clarabell New Member

    Hi, I moved to the North Lakes area about 6 weeks ago, we are a family of 4, me (Claire), Paul (the hubby) and 2 girls aged 4 and 5. If you fancy meeting up that would be great. We have found out a lot about the area, and now need friends to go and try these things out with. My husband hates staying in, so we are very keen to get out of the house and mke new friends.
    Hope to hear from you, or others :)
  8. madcatjane

    madcatjane New Member

    Hi Claire, welcome to Brisbane. I hope you are settling in. Is your eldest going in Prep? I run a facebook Mums Group and we have regular meetups, if you are interested send me an email to and I can add you. It would be lovely to meet up sometime, the school holidays are coming up soon so maybe we could catch up then. Please let me know if you need help with anything. Jane x
  9. Lorna Beel

    Lorna Beel New Member

    Hi myself my husband james and our 2 sons connor 6 & ciaran 2 are emigrating to brisbane next wednesday from the uk we are staying in brisbane holiday village for about 5 weeks when we arrive not sure yet where we are going to be living have been looking at springfield lakes springfield augustine heights regents park but not sure yet would love to meet up with other families and make new friends

  10. Queenie

    Queenie New Member

    Hi Claire,

    I'm in North Lakes every other week to see another friend Clair (I'm also Clare) lol. We'd be more than happy to meet up if you wanna get out and explore a bit more. Same goes to any others who want to meet up of course :)

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